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The changes you will have with Botox before and after are impressive; Although it will take a couple of weeks to appreciate, they will be very important. Wrinkles generated over the years and expression lines will disappear, while your skin will look smoother and more delicate, as in your youth.

This medicine, also known as botulinum toxin, is administered in small doses at certain points on the face so that all those marks are smoothed out and your face acquires a new look of youth. It is a completely safe treatment that we offer you at Cancun Hair Restoration with high quality.

You will not appreciate the real Botox before and after at the end of the first session; It will take a couple of weeks to be more noticeable, but the results will surprise you. On this page you can see the results of some of the patients who have come to our clinic in search of this treatment.

In addition to the Botox before and after photos that we show you here, we will explain a little about the procedure, the areas where it is usually applied and the changes that you will be able to see in them once the medicine has taken effect and some of the factors that influence the results of the procedure.

Botox before and after; hand with Botox injection.

Botox treatment

As we already mentioned, Botox treatment consists of injecting small doses of this medicine at certain points on the face. What it causes is that the nerve impulses in the face that are responsible for muscle contractions are blocked. This causes a temporary paralysis in these muscles and thus the wrinkles begin to disappear.

Thanks to this paralysis, the skin is smoother and with a youthful appearance, without all the wrinkles that were noticeable where it was applied. Therefore, the doctor must ensure that it is in the ideal points and thus the Botox before and after is more noticeable. Generally, at Cancun Hair Restoration , we apply botulinum toxin to the following points:

  • In the area between the mouth and the nose, particularly in the so-called laugh lines .
  • The wrinkles that are generated between the eyebrows by having a frown.
  • All the lines of the forehead that many people are easily marked.
  • The well-known crow’s feet next to the eyes, very noticeable over time.
  • On the neck, all the thick wrinkles that are too noticeable .

In addition to using this medication for cosmetic procedures, it can also be used for various medical treatments. Patients suffering from hyperhidrosis, a condition characterized by excessive sweating in the armpits, face, hands or feet, can see a Botox before and after in a short time.

Similarly, the results of a Botox before and after are also noticeable in patients with conditions with muscle spasms such as multiple sclerosis, dystonia cervical or cerebral palsy. Botox treatment is not only for improving appearance, but also for the care of certain diseases.

Botox before and after; medic preparing a Botox injection.


The Botox before and after is more noticeable in certain parts of the face where it is applied more frequently; These are frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. Next, we will tell you some of the changes that you will notice in each of this area once the treatment takes effect:

  • Frown lines: According to research done on this drug, 74 percent of adults saw results a week after the first session. At the same time, 80% of them had a significant improvement once the results are given in a Botox before and after.
  • Crow’s feet in the eyes: When they apply Botox in this area, 7 days after the procedure the Botox before and after there is no important change. The most outstanding results could be noticeable after day 30, when the patients presented a smoother skin and the lightest lines.
  • Forehead lines: The Botox before and after is a little more noticeable in patients with a larger problem of forehead lines. After 30 days, it is possible to notice an important difference in the patients, who show a more relaxed forehead and without wrinkles or little noticeable.

Botox before and after; doctor applying Botox on a patient.


You will be able to appreciate the first results of Botox after the first seven days; however, they will not be the finals. After two weeks, the before and after Botox will be more noticeable , but your final appearance will be visible after 30 days.

The effects of Botox will remain on your face for approximately 3-4 months until the toxin is absorbed into the body. Once this time has passed, you can go back to Cancun Hair Restoration for another Botox session. Remember that you can schedule your appointment in time from our website.



For the effects that you can see Botox before and after to have the right duration, there are certain factors that can influence it to be less. Most of these are related to a bad app; therefore, it is best to go to CHR where we guarantee high quality in all our procedures.

These factors are:

  1. Diluted dose: Botox has to be diluted in a saline solution for its correct application; however, if it exceeds the recommended 3 cc, it will be very liquid and will not have the expected effect.
  2. Non-fresh medication: Like any injected medication, botulinum toxin should be applied as soon as it is opened; The Botox before and after will not be very different if it has been in the syringe for more than 24 hours.
  3. Very low doses: In each Botox session a certain amount is applied, the lower it is, the lower the results will be. Bad clinics take advantage of this to scam many patients.
  4. The patient’s metabolism: The patient’s metabolism also influences how much is the change between Botox before and after in the patient. The faster this is, the less time the drug’s effects will last.
  5. Where is apply: The place of application is also a factor that can alter the results; in larger muscles the duration is shorter. This is noticeable when applied to the forehead, compared to crow’s feet.
  6. Patient age: The older the patient and the larger the wrinkles, the lesser the effects of Botox. The body no longer produces enough collagen, so there is less elasticity in the skin, which leads to these wrinkles.
  7. Exercising after application: Exercise speeds up your metabolism, so exercising will help your body eliminate Botox. Generally, we recommend that our patients wait at least 24 hours before returning to training.
  8. Lack of Zinc supplements: In order for the effects of Botox to last longer, we prescribe a short course of Zinc food supplements; this treatment increases and accelerates the effects.


The Botox before and after will be very noticeable if you are young and it is the first time you will attend a session. You will have significant results after a week, but you will not notice a real change until almost a month after your session.

Schedule now your appointment at Cancun Hair Restoration for your session; You’ll see a Botox before and after right away. Write us from our website or contact us through our social networks. We will give you the attention and first level that you expect.

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