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Botox to disappear all wrinkles in your face while on vacation

Do you want to make all the wrinkles from certain parts of your face disappear after a treatment of only 20 minutes? Botox is precisely the treatment that will give you those results that you expect in such a short time and that will leave your skin smoother and without a single visible age mark; in addition to preventing them from continuing to appear.

There are many myths and taboos regarding Botox and its use as an aesthetic treatment, but its results are incredible and as soon as you come for your first session you will notice them immediately. For you to know more about it, we will talk about what it is and how we carry out this treatment at Cancun Hair Restoration.

However, so that you are well informed, we’ll talk about the benefits that the use of Botox has, as well as the risks that it can cause
Doctor preparing a Botox treatment
especially if you do not go to a quality clinic like CHR. Finally, we will tell you about the results that you will obtain from the procedure so that you have everything in mind when scheduling your appointment with us.

Botox: Know more about this treatment

There are many uses for Botox, but most common among them is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face. However, it can also be used to reduce neck spasms, reduce excessive sweating or overactive bladder, as well as lazy eye problems. However, here we will focus on the aesthetic aspects, which is what we do at CHR.

The toxin used in Botox injections is called onobotulinumtoxinA which has the function of preventing any muscle from moving. It bears this name because it is produced by the same microbe that causes botulism, food poisoning; It is also recognized for being the toxin used by the black widow against its prey.

This is the first drug to use this toxin for cosmetic purposes ; however, there are other products such as abobotulinumtoxinA ( Dysport ), rimabotulinumtoxinB ( Myobloc ), and incobotulinumtoxinA ( Xeomin ). Each one of them has a different dosage, so it has different uses; remember that only a doctor can prescribe its use.

As for its aesthetic use, Botox is responsible for blocking the nerves of the muscles, so they can no longer contract. As the muscles cannot do this, the wrinkles on the face will begin to relax and smooth out. You will be able to see the result immediately or it could take one or two days, this will depend on each person.

When Botox is used for aesthetic purposes, it is generally applied to the lines on the forehead and those around the eyes. In addition, it is also used to remove the lines between the eyebrows and those that are made above the mouth. Consider that this will not be useful with the lines caused by the damage that the sun generates in your skin.

Botox: The procedure in CHR

The best way to understand the procedure we use at CHR for Botox application is carried out with 3 simple steps. Each one of them corresponds to the actions prior to the application, during the application and what we do at the end. This includes how the toxin will react to your body and what you should take into consideration.

  • Before the procedure: If you wish, it is possible to slightly numb the area where the Botox injections will be applied; this can be through topical anesthesia, ice anesthesia or through vibration. It is not a painful procedure, but many people prefer not to feel anything during the procedure.
  • During the procedure: Once the anesthesia has taken effect, the doctor will begin to apply the Botox doses at the points where he has agreed with the patient. For this, use a thin needle that allows you to apply in small doses at different points on the face; the amount will be defined before starting.
  • After the procedure: At the end, the doctor will give you all the indications of care that you must have during the next few hours to guarantee the best results. The most important thing to take care of is not to rub or massage the areas where the Botox was applied; you will be able to return to your normal activities without any problem.

The secondary effects of Botox and who should get this treatment

Although it is a completely safe treatment, Botox can cause certain side effects in each patient. None of them is risky and if it is, the doctor will identify it immediately and will point out the best treatment to follow to reverse it; Some of them are:

  • Pain, bruising or swelling in the area where it was applied.
  • Headache and general malaise, similar to flu symptoms.
  • Physically, it can cause droopy eyelids, eyebrows, and a crooked smile or drooling.
  • Dry eyes or excessive tearing.

    These side effects that Botox can cause can be easily reversed and you have nothing to worry about if you experience any of them. At Cancun Hair Restoration, we will make sure that you do not have any problems. The probability of the toxin spreading through your body is very low, but if you go to a bad clinic it is higher.

    As for who should not get Botox, there are certain people who might be harmed or not have a good effect . Mainly, we do not apply to pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding; in the same way, to people who have a neurological disease.

    Also, patients with muscle weakness, vision problems, respiratory problems or who struggle to speak or swallow, the use of Botox is not recommended. For this reason, it is very important that before the procedure, you review all these factors with the doctor who will treat you and thus guarantee that it will not affect you in any way.

    Do not go to any clinic that applies Botox and that offers you a very low cost for the procedure; It is better that you make sure that the place you arrive at will provide you with quality care and that you will obtain incredible results.

Results of Botox

After a maximum of 3 days you will notice the results of Botox; although, you will be able to begin to appreciate them a couple of hours later, the final result will be more visible until later. You will be able to appreciate how the wrinkles will disappear from the area where it was applied and it will give you a completely natural appearance.

Doctor applying Botox on a patient’s lips

If you have many wrinkles on your face, it is most likely that you will need more than one Botox session so that you can see better results. Remember that it is not a permanent solution, but it will keep the skin on your face firm for several months.

If you require more information about the different aesthetic procedures that you can have with Cancun Hair Restoration, send us a message from our website

Botox is one of the fastest and easiest we offer to improve your appearance quickly.

Ask now for our Botox treatment; At Cancun Hair Restoration we have extensive experience in aesthetic procedures like this so you will arrive in the right hands. Send us a message from our contact page and find out more about everything we can do to get you back to your most youthful appearance.

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