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Crown Hair Transplant

Patients who require a crown hair transplant are constantly coming to CHR, as it is one of the most common places where hair is lost. There are people who, from a very early age, begin to notice this hair loss and a couple of years later they already require a procedure like this.

Most people who require a crown hair transplant have family members with a history of hair loss. This means that it is a hereditary problem and, if it is something common in your family, it is most likely that in the future you will need an operation like this.

In general, a procedure like this is relatively simple and safe; It consists of placing hair follicles in areas of the head where there is a significant loss, in this case the crown of head. However, transplant methods and techniques are different and on this page you will be able to learn about them before scheduling your appointment with a CHR expert.

However, it is important that you know more about this area of the head and what causes hair loss in it. In addition, we will tell you the different methods that you can have with us for hair restoration, starting with the crown hair transplant and later with other possibilities.

Crown hair transplant patient before surgery

Crown of Head and hair loss

The crown of the head is located at the highest part of the head and is the point where the hair begins to grow. On the scalp, it is in this area that it begins to generate a circular pattern; therefore, it is generally shaped like a whirlpool. Although it is not very common, in some cases a double crown may appear, which is completely normal.

Hair loss in this area that results in the need for a crown hair transplant is part of a process that usually occurs in men. It begins with the thinning of the hair until it reaches the follicles that causes them to fall out little by little.

Norwood scale is used to determinate the different stages that the male pattern has and in most cases, the crown of the head is the first affected. In cases where there is not much hair loss, it is in this area where the greatest amount of gray hair begins to appear.

As for the age at which hair loss begins to be more noticeable, those who most require crown hair transplant will begin to see it between 25 and 30 years of age. Unlike receding hairlines that can start to show much earlier, even in your 20s.

Although hair loss in both areas is caused by the same hormone dihydrotestosterone, when hair falls from the crown of the head, the scalp is more noticeable. Therefore, as a permanent solution, a crown hair transplant is more recommended than other procedures.

Crown Hair Transplant: know the procedure

As we mentioned at the beginning of this page, the crown hair transplant consists of moving hair follicles from areas where there is a greater abundance of hair to place them in this area of the head; Generally, these follicles are obtained from the nape of the neck or from the sides. However, the method to do so may vary depending on the progress of the patient’s baldness.

The techniques that we have available at Cancun Hair Restoration for crown hair transplantation are the following:

  • FUT Hair transplant: This procedure consists of removing a strip of hair from the nape of the neck of 20 cm to obtain a greater number of hair follicles to be able to place them in the crown.
  • FUE Hair transplant: This is the most common crown hair transplant procedure that we perform and consists of obtaining the hair follicles one by one to reposition them where there is hair loss.
  • ARTAS Hair transplant: A crown hair transplant with an ARTAS robot is faster than with the other methods; the procedure is the same as the FUE hair transplant, but it is optimized by the robot.

After the procedure, you will be able to return to your normal activities without problems; You may have some discomfort for several weeks, but little by little you will recover. The final results of the crown hair transplant can be seen after 10 or 12 months , depending on how many hair follicles had to be transplanted.

For a crown hair transplant, a large number of hair follicles are extremely necessary to obtain the desired results. Therefore, when looking for a procedure like this, go to a specialized clinic such as Cancun Hair Restoration where a team of experts will attend to you.

Other hair regeneration procedures

Crown hair transplant is not the only hair restoration procedure out there, there are other methods that can help you in a certain way and give you results. Everything will depend on how advanced your baldness is; therefore, when you have your first appointment with the surgeon who will perform your operation, be sure to ask all your options.

At Cancun Hair Restoration, we have other non-invasive methods that you can try, such as:

  • PRP Injections: This treatment consists of the application of platelet-rich plasma, better known as PRP, in the crown area where there is greater hair loss to promote hair growth and strength.
  • Hair micropigmentation: This method gives the appearance of having a head with a lot of hair, since ink is used to fill the space. Where there is no hair, it will look as if it was freshly cut.

However, the results that both procedures offer cannot be compared to a crown hair transplant. Even if it takes up to a year to be noticeable, your hair restoration will be permanent; It is a definitive solution to hair loss.

Crown hair transplant patient close up

The Ideal Candidate for a Crown Hair Transplant

To find out if you are the ideal candidate for a crown hair transplant, there are four points that the medical team has to make sure you have in order to perform this procedure. We will tell you so that, when you have your first appointment with the doctor, it will be easier for you to answer them and you will know how possible it is to have this operation.

As many hair follicles are required, the first thing the medical team will check is that you have enough to transplant them in the crown area. If you have enough follicles, you can have a crown hair transplant.

Another important point is age; hair loss on the crown can occur from the age of 20. Many young patients arrive wanting a crown hair transplant, but there needs to be a clear pattern to be able to do the operation and those who have been transplanted do not fall out.

The next thing will be to determine what is the best hair restoration procedure for you. If you have significant hair loss, a crown hair transplant is ideal; if it is too advanced, it may no longer be enough; but if it is little, perhaps a less invasive one is ideal.

Finally, you have to be in good health to carry out the operation. Although it is a very simple and safe procedure, it is possible that you may have certain complications if you cannot bear the operation.

Crown hair transplant patient from the back

All this you will know in your first appointment with the Cancun Hair Restoration medical team prior to your crown hair transplant to ensure that you are the ideal candidate for the procedure. At Cancun Hair Restoration, we will carry out studies and analyzes before the operation to confirm that you are in the best possible condition.

Do not forget that, if you need more information about crown hair transplantation, you can send us a message from the contact page of our site with all the questions you have about it. As soon as we receive your message, an expert will answer each of them and tell you how you can schedule your first appointment with one of the surgeons who collaborate with us.

Don’t wait any longer and send us a message from our website to schedule your first appointment with the Cancun Hair Restoration team. If you are looking for a crown hair transplant to solve your hair loss, our clinic is the ideal place to have it done.

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