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Crown of head

Crown of Head: the solutions for hair loss in this area

The crown of head is the most common area where hair is lost, mainly due to genetic factors. Men are the ones who suffer the most from this form of alopecia and there comes an age when they look for a good solution to recover from baldness.

In men, this type of baldness has several quick fixes; however, none compare to hair transplant. This is a treatment with permanent results that in the long run is more convenient than any other procedure.

Here we will tell you about some of the solutions to¬†baldness in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe crown of head, in addition to hair transplantation.

Baldness on the Crown of Head: Why does it occur?

Before explaining the solutions in detail, we will explain a little about this common baldness problem among men. This type of baldness is classified according to the severity it has in the patient, as well as it can be a mild problem that does not require much attention, there are cases of hair loss that are difficult to recover with a hair transplant.

The androgenic alopecia, as it is known in the medical field, is caused mainly because the enzyme 5-alpha type 2 in the area that produces a molecule from testosterone called dihideotestosterona (DHT) attacks hair follicles that are weaker.

This process is known as miniaturization, as the follicles begin to lose size and strength and begin to fall out. Hair weakness is a genetic problem, so if many in your family have this problem, it is most likely that in the future you will suffer from it or are already beginning to notice it.

Although this is the main reason for hair loss on the crown of the head, it is not the only one. The folliculitis decalvans or lichen planus pillar are two causes of hair loss in this area; however, these require specialized care for their recovery.

How to treat baldness on the crown of the head?

It is important that before undergoing any procedure you consult with the best prepared medical specialists who can guide you on the best option for your baldness problem. In this way, you will always be in the best hands and will not expose yourself to dangerous treatments.

He will determine what causes the problem of your baldness and will give you the options you have to recover your hair from the crown area. With Cancun Hair Restoration , you will have the following procedures that could help you:

  • SMP (Scalp¬†Micropigmentation): This process consists of applying small deposits of pigments on the scalp that have the appearance of hair.¬†If you wear a shaved look, this will make the hair loss not noticeable.¬†However, you will not be able to change your style.
  • PRP¬†Treatment: The PRP¬†Treatment¬†consists of the injection of plasma to promote hair growth in certain areas of the head where it has been lost.¬†This helps to have a greater volume and strength in the hair follicles;¬†However, when alopecia is very advanced, it is not an option that will be very effective.
  • Stem¬†Cell¬†Treatment:¬†Stem¬†cell treatment is one of the best procedures that, like the PRP¬†Treatment, are non-invasive.¬†There have been many scientific studies that have determined its effectiveness in reversing alopecia when it is not very advanced.¬†Because it helps regenerate hair follicles, it is an option if you don’t like the surgical option.
  • FUT or FUE¬†Hair¬†Transplant: The best option to correct baldness in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe crown of the head is hair transplantation.¬†The results are guaranteed and are permanent, which is not the case with the previous ones, since each body is different and does not always respond to treatments.

On the internet, you will find many other options such as the use of topical or oral minoxidil, as well as other medications. The problem with these treatments is that they are not permanent and as soon as you leave them, the hair loss returns. The ones we mention here have scientific support and the results shown by our patients.

If you are looking to recover the hair from the crown of head , get in touch with Cancun Hair Restoration; we have the infrastructure to perform any of the procedures that we mention. You will be in the hands of the best surgeons in the country and you will be surrounded by a paradise where you can rest after your treatment.

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