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Distinctive SESA

The pandemic situation of COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS, has generated a social, political and economic crisis, through a geo-political vision throughout the planet, the fear and panic of people to be infected by this virus with specific characteristics in their genetics. and pathophysiology, to provide good management in the treatment of patients in a timely manner, through protocols and therapeutic guidelines, has been a factor that has determined the immobility of all humanity and has paralyzed the development of companies, disruption of industries, such as automotive, aviation, transport, cinema, entertainment etc. with an impact on remittances, private finances, hotels, hospitals, in general, a great global economic impact.


The main objective of the SESA Distinctive is to provide support to entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, to generate greater confidence and satisfaction for future customers, tour operators, through marketing strategies and preventive sanitary measures, etc. since each country is reopening its tourist facilities in a different way and each market requires specialized messages for its success

Distinctive SESA

By means of the SESA Distinctive, answers are given to queries generated in the tourism sector and actions that must be taken into account from within tourism companies and work centers. We know that international chains implement measures according to their new franchise policies and our objective with this type of tourist hotels is to enrich and provide the best practices and prevention measures.

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