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Donor area for FUE hair transplant in Mexico: What happens to it?

fue hair transplant mexico

11To perform the FUE hair transplant in Mexico,¬†a donor area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe head¬†has to be selected¬†where the hair grafts are taken.¬†The area where¬†the graft was carried out must be perfectly cared for;¬†But it is important that the donor area, which is usually located on the back of the head or on the sides, is¬†also cared for so that in the days after the intervention the hair grows there again.

Unlike the parts of the head that are affected by baldness, in the donor areas there are a greater number of hair follicles that can be moved to where hair loss is greater. It is important that the surgeon who will perform your procedure chooses a part where the volume of hair is greater and that when each graft is removed, its absence is not noticeable.

Remember that the FUE hair transplant, unlike the FUT technique, does not resort to removing a strip of skin from the head, but removes each follicle one by one and then places them where the surgery will be performed. The great advantage of this procedure is that it is practically undetectable that it was carried out as there will not be a scar.

Regarding this, and to answer some questions about the procedure, this time we will talk about the care you should have in the area where the hair follicles were extracted and how it will recover after the operation.

Cares after the FUE Hair Transplant in Mexico in the donor area

The doctor who performs your surgery will tell you when you can wash your hair after the operation; this will be approximately 2 days after it is carried out. You will have to remove the gauze and use a neutral shampoo gently, both in the place where the hair graft was made and where they were taken.

As you regain sensitivity, the donor area will also affect you and will begin to look similar to a cork due to the extraction that was performed. This is completely normal after a hair transplant and you will regain your usual appearance in no time.

To take better care of the skin on this part of the head and where the hair follicles were grafted from, you will have to use an antibiotic cream that your doctor will order. It is important that it is in the air and does not have any bandage that covers it, as well as taking care that it does not come into contact with your bed or other surfaces.

How long does it take to recover?

After four or five days, healing will begin and with it the appearance of scabs or small scales on the skin, which, as the hair donor area recovers, will fall off.

After a week, the part of your head where the hair follicles were extracted has almost completely recovered. However, the areas where the grafts were taken will remain noticeable, but little by little the holes will begin to disappear.

One week after your FUE hair transplant in Mexico, the donor part of your head will be recovered to the degree that it will no longer be noticeable where the hair follicles were extracted. Although recovery in this area is not complete and you will not have the same volume of hair as before, this will not be apparent.

It is very important that before undergoing this procedure or any other similar you schedule your appointment with one of our surgeons. He will tell you how viable it is to perform this surgery, because if you do not have enough hair follicles to carry out the hair transplant or if the baldness that you present is very advanced, it cannot be carried out.

Get in touch with Cancun Hair Restoration from our page and put yourself in the hands of expert doctors in FUE hair transplantation in Mexico. The plastic surgeons who collaborate with us have extensive experience in this procedure so that you receive the best care.

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