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Hair transplant abroad: Where is your best option?

Hair transplant abroad

Hair transplant abroad

The hair transplant abroadcan be done in virtually any country with a plastic surgeon who has specialized in the field of aesthetic medicine. However, that does not mean that any country is an option, especially if you are looking for a first class service and a lower cost.

Approximately, more than one million of these operations are carried out in the world per year, a figure that has been increasing in recent years, especially in nations such as Turkey, Spain and Mexico. It is in these three places that the demand for hair transplants has increased the most for different reasons.

In the case of Istanbul, in Turkey, a strong bet was made on making it a capital for this procedure;¬†the same happened with Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčin Spain.¬†However, in Mexico, the destinations to perform this surgery are more and without the price or¬†quality care¬†being different from other places.

Tips for getting a Hair Transplant Abroad

It is important that if you have decided to undergo a hair transplant abroad, you choose your destination very well. In addition to considering the procedure and medical care in your expenses, also take into account transportation, stays and everything that is added to the account.

You must choose very well the clinic in which they will carry out the procedure that is safe and that has the materials and expert medical staff. Remember that cheap is often expensive and Istanbul may be the world capital of hair transplantation, but not all places have adequate spaces to do it.

Also consider the treatment you will undergo, if you are looking for something non-invasive such as micropigmentation or plasma platelets that is a not very permanent solution, or an FUE or FUT hair transplant that must be performed by an expert plastic surgeon.

Review these factors very well in the different countries in which you consider performing your procedure.¬†Once you’ve made up your mind, get in touch with the clinic, pack your bags and get ready to change your image and your life once and for all.

Where is the best place for a Hair Transplant Abroad?

To have a hair transplant abroad you have many options; However, here we will talk about the three that have achieved greater notoriety due to two main factors: the quality of medical care and the cost of the procedure. These places are Istanbul, Barcelona and Mexico; each of them has its pros and cons that you should take into account.


The whole country has become the perfect destination for all those who want a hair transplant done by professionals, especially for the inhabitants of the European Union. It is estimated that, in its capital, Istanbul, there are more than 300 medical spaces and clinics where this procedure is performed.

One of the factors that has contributed to making it the place where most hair transplants are performed in the world is the experience that Turkish surgeons have acquired in recent years and the technological advances that have been developed in the field. On top of this, the price per procedure is much lower than anywhere else on the continent or the United States.

The two points against that Turkey has are, firstly, the expenses related to the doctors that end up being made; for example, transportation, lodging and stay in the country are not accessible for many people and raise final expenses dramatically. The second point has to do with the increase of low quality clinics in the nation; Although most have everything you need, there are many that may not be very safe.


Turkey’s popularity spread to other places in Europe and one of them was the Spanish city of Barcelona.¬†Many Turkish and Spanish doctors who are¬†experts in hair transplantation¬†opened their own clinics in this city due to the large number of international visitors it receives annually.

Many of these clinics have achieved some notoriety for the incredible results they have had with their patients. The vast majority of them have the ideal facilities and expert medical hands and, compared to many clinics in the rest of the continent, their prices are very affordable for visitors.

The disadvantage of hair transplant clinics in this city is that they still do not have enough medical capacity or facilities to attend to visitors. Also, although they have quality equipment, not all centers have the best technology to carry out the procedures. Without forgetting that, because it is a popular destination, external expenses will be higher.


Mexico is considered the Turkey of America when it comes to hair transplantation abroad. The demand for this treatment in the country has meant that there are more and more medical centers destined for these procedures and that they have better equipment, as well as more trained doctors.

Clinics like Cancun Hair Restoration that have stood out in this area for the incredible results they have achieved. Although beaches such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, as well as Mexico City, have become the favorite places for many foreigners to perform this procedure, in Mexico there is no single destination to perform this procedure.

Compared to European cities, in Mexico, the cost of hair transplantation is very low and completely affordable. This does not affect the quality of medical care that patients who approach us can receive.

We invite you to improve your appearance and regain your youth on the beautiful beaches of Cancun with Cancun Hair Restoration, schedule now your appointment with one of our doctors and perform your hair transplant abroad.

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