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Hair Transplant for Women effective with alopecia issues

Hair transplant for women is not a common topic; nevertheless has been brought up more, as well as the issue of hair loss in women. This problem happens to approximately 50 percent of the female population, and can affect a lot on their life. That’s why, at Cancun Hair Restoration we offer our services to everyone.

The reasons seem to always be hereditary on either side of the woman’s bloodline. Hair loss can jump generations and not affect the parents, but the children. Despite this, in most cases, it is possible to identify someone in the family with some degree of thinning hair at some point in their life and thus be able to prevent baldness or plan hair transplant for women.

Patients suffering from this problem may notice hair loss around the end of adolescence, but the critical moment will come after menopause. But the good news is that it is not the end of the world, today there are techniques such as hair transplant for women to give you a solution. Despite the common misconception, hair transplants are not just for men.

Every day, the number of a hair transplant for women at Hair Cancun Restoration increases to counteract the thinning and loss of their hair as a result of androgenetic alopecia. In this page you’ll know more about this procedure and why women also need it, not just men.

Why Hair Transplant is also for Women?

Female hair loss is a condition that is rooted in a process of intense and progressive thinning of the hair follicles, which is driven by an abnormal hormone response. These shrinking follicles produce thinner, reduce the size of hair over time and as a woman ages. In other words, the follicle is not lost, it just gets smaller.

In women, this kind of problem usually begins as a marked widening of the dividing line, with some recession of the hairline, especially at the temples. Many women start by noticing that when they style their hair in a ponytail it becomes thinner, that’s the moment where many required a hair transplant for women.

As time goes on, there is a variable expression of the gene, so that there is more and more thinning mainly on the hair of the crown of the head. There may or may not be a noticeable detachment at first, but with time it’ll be more visible.

There are some situations, where there is subtler thinning spread over different areas of the head and not just the crown of head. It is rare, but it can also occur on the back of the scalp. Hair transplant for women candidates with a reasonable pattern of hair loss tend to simply notice sparser hair at the crown of the head. Unlike men with a classic receding hairline or bald area.

In general, women don’t lose all their hair like men do, but it can become progressively thinner, especially when this deficit is not treated in a timely manner. At this stage, a hair transplant for women may be the best course of action; you can ask a doctor of this procedure is the best treatment for you.

In which cases you’ll need a Hair Transplant for Women?

Any woman can be affected by hair loss and may need a procedure like this. Despite this, hair transplant for women is usually more common in different cases. Most of the time, women can appeal to other kind of treatments for hair restoration, but in some cases a hair transplant is necessary:

  • Women who have hairstyles that pull their hair (such as tight ponytails or tight braids) or use harsh chemicals; not to those who have lost their heir due to a hormonal problem.
  • Women who have just had babies and are experiencing a dramatic hair loss or hair thinning due to a medical condition or hormonal change.
  • Women who have had chemotherapy and those who have been affected by other medications.
  • Women older than 40 years or in the menopausal stage who have serious problems of hair loss.
  • Women who had a recent surgery in the head that leaves them with a scar; in this areas the hair can’t grow back and a hair transplant is necessary.
  • Women with a pattern of baldness like the male pattern, like hairline recessions, thinning of the hair in the crown of the head or similar problems.
  • Women who suffer hair loss caused by scars of an accident, chemical and burn victims or any other kind of trauma.


Most women may prefer the FUE hair transplant for women technique as, unlike the process where a strip of scalp is removed, there is minimal pain and discomfort after the procedure. However, on severe cases of hair loss this procedure is better due to highest recompilation of hair follicles.

With the FUE hair transplant for women procedure, there is no linear scar, as in the strip procedure. So this type of technique allows a somewhat shorter hairstyle. Both women’s hair transplant procedures result in a natural-looking transplanted follicles. In both cases, the follicles produce new hair from the first three to six months after the women’s hair transplant.

It is necessary to wait for the hairs of the hair transplant for women to adhere well to the skin and, subsequently, they will continue to grow throughout the life of the patient. It is important to note that more than one procedure may be necessary to fully correct the area of thinning.

After the patient undergoes surgery, the specialist doctor will give the relevant instructions to help in the recovery and healing of the new female hair transplant follicles. Scabs or scabs will form on the new grafts from the hair transplant for women. There may be swelling, pain, and tightness in the forehead and around the eyes, but this is temporary.


Hair transplant for women is the same cost as any other procedure for men; however, each case is different and the price will change depending on the person. It all depends on the number of hair follicles that are extracted during the surgery and that the patient requires to obtain the best possible results.

Also, the technique used for hair transplantation for women will determine the cost of the operation. The most economical procedure is the FUT hair transplant, where a one-centimeter strip of hair is removed from the nape area; from there all the grafts will be taken and placed in the areas where there is more hair loss.

The FUT hair transplant would be the next cheapest as it requires more meticulous manual work by the plastic surgeon, both to extract the follicles and to place them. The next one is the hair transplant for women with the ARTAS robot, which is more expensive due to the technology used in the procedure.



Cancun Hair Restoration is a hair transplant company that was founded in 2016 in Cancun, Mexico. Our hair restoration and surgery specialists have over 17 years of experience in this area, working with some of the best companies in the US and UK.

At Cancun Hair Restoration we offer hair transplant surgeries for women with the best and most advanced techniques such as FUT, FUE and with the ARTAS Robot. We also perform facial hair transplants for any male patient desiring a full beard and eyebrow hair transplant for women seeking fuller, thicker eyebrows.

Do not hesitate and recover the hair of your youth with Cancun Hair Restoration; schedule your hair transplant for women now from our website. We offer you the highest quality care in first class facilities with technology that not everyone has. In addition, you will be surrounded by a paradise like the Riviera Maya.

Advantages of Hair Transplant for Women

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