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How to know if a Hair Transplant would be successful?

Hair transplant

Due to the experience we have at Cancun Hair Restoration , we know that there are three extremely important factors that determine whether a hair transplant will be successful, two depend on the doctor and one on the patient; These are: The previous diagnosis, the experience of the doctor and the post-operative care that they must carry out during the following months.

If these three points are carried out correctly, you will have the solution to the hair loss you suffer from. Next, we will give you details about each of these three points so that you take them into account if you have decided to undergo this procedure.

Diagnosis prior to Hair Transplant

It is important that you go with trained medical personnel who can give you a correct diagnosis. Not everyone is suitable to undergo an operation such as a hair transplant, but that can only be determined by a trained doctor. Health or the progression of baldness may be some of the reasons why this treatment is not carried out.

Most of the time there are no problems during diagnosis and most people are eligible for this procedure. The plastic surgeon takes into account certain considerations that he will review from your first appointment. The three most important factors are:

  • Low hair density: We have had cases where the patient does not have enough hair to perform the transplant successfully.¬†This is because not enough follicles could be taken to cover the area where they will be placed.
  • Very weak hair follicles: The surgeon will make sure that the hair follicles in the donor head area are strong enough to be transplanted.¬†The patient may have enough follicles for treatment, but if they are very weak, they will not withstand the change.
  • Poor patient health: Like all surgery, for hair transplantation to be successful, the patient must be in good health.¬†To make sure of this, at CHR, we perform blood tests on our patients to know if they will have healing problems, autoimmune diseases or diabetes.

In addition to determining that the patient does not have any of these problems, the diagnosis helps the doctor to know which will be the donor area from where the follicles will be taken for the hair transplant.

Also, you will be able to inform the patient which of the hair transplant techniques is ideal for their baldness problem, as well as how many hair follicles will be needed. This will let you know which procedure to invest in and stick to a budget.

Hair Transplant procedure

Once the doctor has determined the feasibility of the surgery, the next step is for it to be performed by a plastic surgeon prepared for it to be successful. You will have to make a hair graft design that looks natural and not manufactured as is the case in many poor quality clinics.

If you are going to undergo a¬†FUE hair transplant,¬†the doctor will check which area of ‚Äč‚Äčyour head has a higher density of hair to be able to extract it and that there is a better distribution.¬†Generally, these follicles are the ones found in the nape of the neck and are usually stronger to make the most of them.

The extraction of each of the¬†hair follicles¬†has to be done very carefully so that they are not damaged in the process.¬†Thus, the largest amount of hair can be transplanted and the result is as expected by the patient.¬†Only the expert hands of one of CHR’s physicians is able to perform it with the greatest success.

The process is long and in some cases it may take up to two sessions of up to 6 hours each for all the follicles to be placed. You will not feel absolutely nothing, because a local anesthetic is used, like the one used in dental procedures so that it does not hurt. You can read or see your phone while the surgeon does his job with the assurance that it will be done in the best way.

Throughout the process, the hair follicles are handled and cared for with the utmost delicacy to keep them safe for grafting. In this way, all or the vast majority of those that are extracted from the donor area will be used.

Post-Operative Care

Once the surgery is finished, the doctor will tell you what care you should have during the next days, weeks and months so that the hair transplant has the expected results. It is very important that the follicles are well cared for so that they do not fall out and the hair no longer grows.

You will not be able to wear hats during the first weeks of recovery and it will be uncomfortable for you to sleep lying down the days after the operation. In addition, you will have to use special soap to clean your scalp and you will need antibiotics and analgesics, because once the effect of anesthesia wears off, it can be annoying.

As your scalp recovers, you should take good care of your head, especially the area where the hair follicles were transplanted. After a few months you will begin to notice how the hair begins to grow little by little and after a year you will see the permanent results of the surgery.

It is important that for you to obtain the best results, you go to expert doctors and hair transplant centers with the most modern infrastructure. At Cancun Hair Restoration, we have everything you need to make your transplant a success. Schedule your appointment right now at any of our clinics in Mexico.

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