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Lip fillers have become one of the most popular aesthetic procedures in recent years. Although, before they were not so common or perhaps so notorious, it is a treatment that has changed and grown over the years. Today it is completely safe to have it done and you can go to Cancun Hair Restoration to have it done.

There are many clinics where a treatment such as lip fillers are performed; however, not all of them have adequate health security or medical experience to carry it out. The most qualified person for this treatment will always be a plastic surgeon who knows the procedure perfectly and the exact points where it should be applied.

Therefore, it’s vital that, if you decide to get lip fillers, go to a clinic specializing in aesthetic procedures that has first class facilities, experienced medical personnel and unparalleled care like ours. Don’t put your health on risk in cheap clinics that, by charging less, reduce the quality of their care.

Next, so you can learn more about how we carry out the lip fillers in CHR, we will talk about what they are and the procedure . At the end, we will tell you what results you can expect after the treatment and how long they will last.

Woman receiving lip fillers in the corner of her lip

Lip Fillers at CHR

The aesthetic treatment known as lip fillers is basically the application of a series of injections in the lips. Generally, these injections are of hyaluronic acid and help make the lips look plumper. This compound is used because it is natural in the body and is the least likely to have a negative effect.

Although, most of the time, the lips fillers are placed with the help of a needle, depending on the compound used , the doctor may use a cannula. The surgeon will determine which will be the best technique to apply them to the deposits, either linearly or retrotraced. It’s not a painful procedure, so it doesn’t require anesthesia or anything like that.

The plastic surgeon who performs your lips fillers will apply each injection of the compound to certain specific points on the lips, generally in the transition zone between the lip mucosa and the skin. The main purpose is to increase the size of the lips; however, this procedure also increases shine and greatly improves its appearance.

Once all the liquid has been injected, the doctor will make sure that all the injected liquid is perfectly spread on the lips and that there are no spaces that are more prominent than others. the lips fillers are applied in a very simple way, but they require the expert hand of a trained doctor so that the results are the best.

The patients who have come to Cancun Hair Restoration for a lip treatment fillers can see an immediate change when leaving the session. Your lips look much larger than normal, without appearing unnatural or exaggerated; In addition, the shine is more noticeable and they look much healthier.

Thanks to the hyaluronic acid that is injected into the lips fillers, have a more hydrated appearance than normal. So it is not only about increasing the volume of the lips, but also giving them a healthier and more beautiful appearance. It will not take you long to appreciate the results of the procedure, we guarantee it.

Injection of lip fillers in a woman

Types of Lips fillers

As we mentioned before, most of the lip fillers that are applied are made of hyaluronic acid; however, it is not the only compound that can be used. Each of these types will give you different results; Therefore, when you come to our clinic to undergo this treatment, you should consult your doctor about your options.

Next, we will tell you the three types of lip fillers that can be used:

  1. Hyaluronic acid: This is one of the most common, not only because it is the one that the body can assimilate the most, but it is also the one with the lowest price of all. You will have immediate results and an incredible change; however, it is the one that lasts the least of all and, if you want to maintain your image, you will have to go a few months later.
  2. Calcium hydroxyapatite: This is a long lasting mineral that is also used as a lip filler. After one year of application, there will be no change in the appearance of your lips. In addition, it helps promote the natural generation of collagen in the body that will give your lips greater elasticity and firmness.
  3. Polylactic acid: This type of lip filler will last you more than a year and a half thanks to the fact that it crystallizes and takes more time for the body to absorb it. It is very important that you know that, if you are going to resort to this compound, go to an expert doctor so that your final appearance does not generate a plastic effect on your lips.

Lip fillers; woman with big lips

lip fillers results and expectations

The results of the lip fillers as well as expectations will change depending on the compound you decide to use in the procedure. Some last longer than others and the appearance will vary with each one; Perhaps hyaluronic acids give you a slightly more natural appearance than the others, but it will not last as long.

The other two types that are also used for lip fillers are longer lasting; but, they may not give you the look you expect. Talk to the plastic surgeon about which one is the best for you and the results you will have with each one of them, so you can be sure which one will be used in the procedure.

Something that we can guarantee you, no matter what type of lip fillers you decide to use, is that the size of your lips will change drastically, as will their appearance. You will notice that they look healthier and with an incomparable shine, thanks to the hydration generated by the three different compounds.


If you want to know more about how we carry out this treatment at Cancun Hair Restoration, you can send us a message from our contact page. Any questions you have about it will be answered by an expert; In addition, you can also schedule your appointment at our clinic to have it done.

Now change the appearance of your lips and give them a unique shine with the lip treatment fillers that we have in CHR. We have the trained medical staff, the appropriate facilities and all the health care to provide you with high-quality care. Don’t hesitate and schedule your appointment with us now for this and any other aesthetic procedure.

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