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Hair Transplant in Puerto Vallarta

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The best clinic for Hair Transplant in Puerto Vallarta

Cancun Hair Restoration is constantly growing, that is why we opened our first clinic for hair transplant in Puerto Vallarta . The best service provided by qualified medical personnel in first class facilities, will now be at your fingertips on the beautiful beaches of Jalisco.

We want that when you come to Mexico for a hair transplant surgery, you have different options that are comfortable and where you can peacefully relax during your recovery; so you can plan your next vacation to Puerto Vallarta and schedule your appointment with us.

Hair Transplant in Puerto Vallarta

The same services that we have in our hair restoration centers in Mexico City and Cancun will be available at our clinic in Puerto Vallarta. If you require a hair transplant, facial hair, eyebrows, PRP treatment or capillary micropigmentation, you can go to our facilities; the services we offer in Puerto Vallarta are:

FUE Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation with the FUE technique consists of individual hair follicle grafting. This treatment is one of the most frequently used because it does not leave a single mark during transplantation in the donor or recipient area. In addition, the results speak for themselves and all the people who have undergone this procedure endorse them.

FUT Hair Transplant

For the FUT hair transplant, the plastic surgeon who attends you at our clinic for hair transplant in Puerto Vallarta will be in charge of removing a one-centimeter strip to remove the largest number of hair follicles. The surgery is performed entirely microscopically to take the largest number of follicles.

Puerto Vallarta will be the best option if you will undergo this procedure since, generally, in order for you to obtain the best results and make the most of the extracted hair follicles, you will require several sessions.

Facial Hair Transplant

Not all men have the ability to develop facial hair, either due to factors such as genetics.¬†So that you finally have the beard or mustache you’ve always wanted, at our center for¬†hair transplant in Puerto Vallarta¬†you can have our¬†dihydrotestosterone¬†treatment¬†that will help your body develop facial hair naturally.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

One of the most detailed and artistic procedures we perform in our hair restoration clinics. We leave a completely natural appearance to all of our patients who have lost part of their eyebrows in accidents or whose hair is very thin.

PRP Treatment

The PRP treatment consists of the extraction of platelet-rich plasma from your own blood to help rejuvenate and regenerate tissues. For hair restoration, at our clinic for hair transplant in Puerto Vallarta, we perform this procedure on the areas of your head that have been most affected by hair loss.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Unlike a hair transplant, this procedure involves pigmentation of the scalp to give it a shaved head appearance. This visual effect helps to appear a density of hair greater than what you have.

The Best Place for Hair Transplant

Puerto Vallarta will be your new destination for hair transplantation because at the Cancun Hair Restoration clinic you will have the best possible medical care. In addition, we have all the health factors to perform our procedures safely.

The medical team is made up of the best dermatologists and plastic surgeons who, in addition to having the knowledge, have extensive experience in this field. Likewise, the entire staff of our hair restoration center will support you during the procedure to make your surgery as comfortable as possible.

Our facilities have state-of-the-art technology and comply with all sanitary measures to make your experience with us the safest. The operating rooms where we perform hair transplantation in Puerto Vallarta are properly sanitized and all the team we work with is of a new generation.

Regardless of which of the treatments we have you undergo; we guarantee that you will have the best results. No matter how great your expectations regarding hair restoration, rest assured that we will exceed them.

Best of all, the cost of the hair transplant that we will give you is very low if you consider the quality care that we will give you. We offer you the most competitive prices for hair restoration that our competitors will not be able to match. Remember that cheap is expensive and many times paying little for an intervention of this nature may not be the best option.

For you to have the best results, come to the best clinic of hair transplant in Puerto Vallarta. With us you will put an end to your baldness problem, without spending so much money you will make your hair grow back without problem.

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