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Procedure with the artas robot

Robot ARTAS what do this robot for you?

The most recent addition to our hair transplant team at Cancun Hair Restoration is an ARTAS Robot, which is capable of speeding up and enhancing this surgery. This robot was designed and manufactured in order to speed up this procedure and that is why we include it to offer you a better service in our clinic.

The doctors who designed it did so with the intention of greatly reducing the errors and fatigue that manual hair transplantation causes in plastic surgeons. It is a method of hair transplantation with great benefits that it is important that you know from how it works to what I can do for you.

How the Robot ARTAS work?

Robot artas for hair transplant

In order to function properly, the ARTAS robot needs to be operated by a plastic surgeon with experience in hair transplantation. It is an optical imaging system that can collect each follicular unit without making too large cuts. The procedure can be done more accurately and faster than it would be done manually.

Before starting the procedure, we apply a local anesthesia to the patient in the area where each of the hair follicles will be collected. Once it has taken effect, the doctor will make the design from the robotic arm so that the machine is in charge of extracting each one of them.

The ARTAS Robot will be placed right in the follicle to be extracted so that the plastic surgeon can take it and make an exact cut. The system it has scans the scalp in detail to determine which is the best to take. Also, this will make the preservation process better and fewer follicles will be lost.

Together with the selection system that the ARTAS Robot for Hair Transplant has, it has an extremely sharp double puncture mechanism that cuts the skin right at the follicular unit without damaging it.

The procedure that follows to extract each of the follicles is the same; the imaging system locates the graft in the donor area and is placed just above it. At that time the doctor makes the cut with his cutting mechanism and gently extracts it. Afterwards, they are placed in a special liquid for their conservation prior to placing them in the receiving area.

Unlike extraction, to place grafts in the part of the head that needs them, the surgeon will do it manually and not with the ARTAS robot. This is because, to make the proper cut, the robotic arm does not always make it deep enough to be able to place the follicles.


What are the benefits of the ARTAS Robot?

The ARTAS robot system has great benefits; previously, we mentioned how quickly and how effective it is to extract each hair. However, its use has great advantages for hair transplantation and we want to list each of them below.

  1. It is completely painless: Like the FUE hair transplant, when using ARTAS you will not have the slightest ailment, during or after the procedure. The local anesthesia that we use is very similar to that used for dental procedures and, if you follow the appropriate subsequent treatment, you will not have discomfort in your recovery.
  2. More favorable results: Its algorithm that identifies the best follicles to transplant is very advantageous, as this guarantees more the success of the procedure. In addition, it prevents the hair grafts from being damaged during extraction, which usually occurs in a manual FUE hair transplant.
  3. Natural transplant design: To make the final appearance more natural, the ARTAS robot uses its algorithm to determine the best places to place the hair follicles. The patterns that you follow offer the best possible results and will not damage existing hair.
  4. It is less tiring: For the doctor, removing the small hair follicles is extremely tiring; To do a good job, you have to make millimeter cuts. Thanks to the ARTAS robot, these are made practically automatically and it does not take time to do them manually.
  5. Procedure time is reduced: Usually, a hair transplant session can last up to 6 hours, which is very tiring for the patient. Because it accelerates the extraction of hair follicles, this time can be reduced by up to half.
  6. Faster recovery: Especially in the donor area, the recovery is faster, since the cuts that were made are not too deep and in a couple of weeks it will be completely healed. As for the receiving area, it will continue its normal recovery, but due to the quality of the follicles, the results will be better.


The technology with which the ARTAS robot is manufactured is not something that many hair transplant clinics in Mexico have. At Cancun Hair Restoration, we have this modern hair restoration treatment and you can schedule your appointment now ; all you have to do is schedule your appointment from our contact page at this time.

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