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What are the best cities to get Hair Implants in Mexico?

hair implants in mexico

If you are looking to have hair implants in Mexico, here we will tell you which cities are the best options to go to, considering the degree of care that you will receive. At Cancun Hair Restoration , we specialize in hair transplantation and our clinics in Cancun and Mexico City have been recognized for it.

We consider these two cities the best two to carry out this type of procedure, since most of the people who perform them are from other countries and thus they can enjoy the tourist attractions, in addition to being treated by the best plastic surgeons who live in they.

Next, we will give you some reasons that our patients have given us to make these the two best cities in the country to perform hair implants. If you are looking for the perfect place to undergo this intervention, this definitely interests you.

Hair Implants in Cancun

The experience of performing this procedure in Cancun is not compared to that of any other city; Well, not only will you be treated by some of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico at CHR, but you will also enjoy the paradisiacal beaches of the Mexican Caribbean.

Outside of the hair restoration center, in Cancun, you can rest and take advantage of the sea, the pre-Hispanic ruins and all the places of fun as much as possible before having your hair transplant. In addition, this heavenly place will also be the perfect place to rest for a couple of days before returning home after your intervention.

The care you will have with CHR is unmatched because from your arrival in the city we will receive you for blood tests to ensure that you are in good health for your hair transplant.

On the day of your surgery with CHR you will be received by our staff who will answer any questions you still have regarding the operation. Subsequently, the plastic surgeon will make the final design with the shape that the hair implants will place on your hairline with the shape you want.

Depending on the treatment you are going to undergo, either with the FUT or FUE hair transplant technique, they will begin to extract each follicle with the skin strip or one by one from the donor area. From the beginning, you will receive anesthesia so that throughout the intervention it does not hurt in the least.

The process is long and you will have a break to be able to eat before continuing and once finished, your doctor will indicate all the care you should have, especially in the receiving area of ​​the hair follicles, from that moment onwards so that you recover completely.

Hair Implants in Mexico City

The procedure we follow in our hair implant clinic in Mexico City is similar to the one we have in Cancun. We want you to feel comfortable at all times from the moment you arrive for your first appointment with the surgeon who will take care of your hair transplant.

Although there are no beautiful beaches like those in Cancun, the tourist offer in the country’s capital is huge and there are a thousand places that you can visit and get to know before your surgery. Without forgetting that we have the most modern technological equipment and the expert hands of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico.

The care we provide to our patients at CHR Ciudad de MĂ©xico is incomparable and we ensure that you have all the comforts to make the procedure as bearable as possible. Your health is the main concern of the medical staff and although it is not a very risky intervention, we make sure that it does not affect you in the least.

Something that sets CHR’s Mexico City hair transplant clinic apart is the team they work with and all the additional procedures they can perform. If you are looking for a major hair restoration or you want a cheaper solution to your hair loss or that is not surgery, you will find it here.

All the medical team that collaborates in our clinic is prepared and knows very well the procedures we perform. Schedule your appointment with one of our doctors so that he is the one who indicates the best way to recover your hair.

Very soon, we will open two new hair transplant centers in two of the most visited tourist sites in the country: Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos. The quality service in the best clinic you have with CHR performed by expert surgeons.

In all CHR clinics for hair implant in Mexico you will receive the same warm and quality care, no matter if it is in Cancun or Mexico City. We want to help you improve your appearance and regain the hair that you have lost over time.

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