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Why you should get a Hair Transplant in Mexico?

Hair transplant in mexico

Every year, thousands of people seek a hair transplant in Mexico and, since the last decade, this number has only been increasing. The reasons for this to happen are many, but mainly they are: how cheap a procedure like this is and the excellent quality with which it is carried out.

Men and women (although more the male population) come to this country to undergo a hair transplant with the best doctors in the country and most of them come to Hair Cancun Restoration . The baldness is a problem that can have anyone and although men commonly suffer more, there are also women who can develop.

So that you can see that Mexico is the best place to treat your hair loss problem, next, we will talk a little about what makes this country the most sought after destination by foreigners to solve it.

Hair transplant in Mexico: your best option

Mexico has become the Turkey of America for hair transplant. As we mentioned, many people choose it because it is an inexpensive and quality option; And, to take advantage of a moment of rest, they choose the paradisiacal beaches of Cancun to carry out this operation.

The loss of hair can attract mental health problems such as depression or social insecurity, and when baldness is not treated properly, can bring problems of larger physical health trying to solve with questionable remedies or treatments.

Therefore, in those cases, it is best to turn to the expert medical team that can give you the help you need. The hair transplant in Mexico that we carry out at CHR has brought us excellent results with all of our patients. It is a definitive solution to baldness that can only be performed by trained plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

A hair transplant clinic like CHR will give you the best care; We have the best prepared medical staff and facilities with all the necessary infrastructure to carry it out. In addition, the cost for this procedure with us is much lower than in other countries.

Clinic specialized in Hair Transplantation

Cancun Hair Restoration, being a clinic specialized in hair transplantation in Mexico, we have trained specialist doctors and the latest technology to carry out this surgical procedure.

We have achieved this since there has been a technological and academic revolution in the country to be able to perform a hair transplant safely and at an excellent price. Some of the characteristics that distinguish us are:

  • The facilities of our¬†hair transplant centers in Cancun¬†have everything you need and the appropriate spaces to perform this surgery;¬†without forgetting that all the staff, from the reception, will give you quality attention.
  • We are a renowned clinic with¬†national and international recognition¬†;¬†This includes the American¬†Society¬†of¬†Plastic¬†Surgeons¬†and the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery;¬†without forgetting the hundreds of¬†comments¬†left by our clients.
  • All of our doctors are¬†specialists in plastic surgery or dermatology¬†and have prepared themselves to perform these types of procedures.¬†They have degrees from the best medical schools in the country and from the hospitals where they were trained.¬†In addition, the¬†results¬†achieved over the years support them.
  • When we are in a heavenly place like Cancun, you can rest and take a few days of rest in paradise after your¬†hair transplant in Mexico.¬†Thus, you will return to your country free of stress and with a solution to your baldness problem.
  • We resort to the most effective hair transplant techniques to solve hair loss.¬†Either¬†FUE or FUT hair transplant, depending on how serious the problem you have is.

Cheap Hair Transplant in Mexico

The second reason that makes Mexico the preferred destination in America for hair transplantation is how incredibly cheap this procedure is in the country. Due to the high demand it has had, prices are increasingly competitive. In addition, the stay and the trip to this country is cheaper than there are places in Europe.

At the beginning of the 2010s, the cost of hair transplant in the country was between $ 8,000 and $ 6,000 USD; This figure, although it is still very low compared to the United States or any other country, has been reduced with increasing competition, especially in destinations such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or Los Cabos .

For one low price, you can get up to 2,500 hair follicles grafted, enough to restore your hair of youth. However, more follicles can be obtained for hair transplantation and the price of the procedure would not increase exponentially.

In Mexico, hair transplantation is very inexpensive and of the highest quality, but you have to search very well for the clinic where you will perform your procedure. At Cancun Hair Restoration, we offer you the best medical and professional care at a very low price. Contact us now and find out.

We have the right facilities, the best trained staff, and the best cost of hair transplant in Mexico. Cancun Hair Restoration is your best option in hair transplantation. Schedule your appointment at this time at the clinic of your choice and decide to end your baldness problem now.

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