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Eyebrow Hair Transplant – Cancun Hair Restoration

250 single hair grafts showing immediate post-op results.

Results of an eyebrow hair transplant in a woman 2

200 single hair grafts showing immediate post-op results.


A procedure like an eyebrow hair transplant can be necessary if you suffered from an accident and were left with a scar, or if you have thin eyebrows and want to make them look fuller and thicker. This is a very artistic procedure that we perform at Cancun Hair Restoration and we enjoy helping our patients giving them the most natural design.

In many people, the hair on the eyebrows is usually very thin and weak; and at the same time, this causes it to fall off very easily. In those cases, an eyebrow hair transplant is necessary to give them a better appearance and abundance . In addition, regardless of the trend that exists, there will always be an important focus on the face, the eyebrows.

On this page we will explain a little more in detail what the eyebrow hair transplant consists of and thus learn more about the procedure. In addition, we will tell you in detail the advantages of going with CHR to perform your hair transplant. We are sure that by the end of reading it, you will make an appointment with any of our plastic surgeons.


You may be experiencing hair loss in other areas of your body such as your eyebrows and you don’t even realize that. If you are over-plucking your eyebrows we suggest that you stop immediately due to the fact that it permanently damages the hair follicle and as a result the hair stops growing, this is one of the main causes to get an eyebrow hair transplant.

Another reason to get an eyebrow hair transplant is because it may be of trauma. A childhood accident, car crash, sport hit or any other type of injury to the eyebrows can affect the growth of hair follicles in that area. Genetics are also a reason for brow hair loss and many patients may naturally have thinner eyebrows running in their family.

Although there may be many causes for eyebrow hair loss there are also many solutions and eyebrow hair transplant is the most effective and natural process there exist to this day. Dr. Panama and hair transplant specialist Fernando Navarro have years of practice in all types of hair loss and will make sure to always give you the best option.

The main reasons to perform an Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Most of the patients who come to Cancun Hair Restoration for an eyebrow hair transplant require the procedure for different reasons. From physical health problems, stress, accidents or even bad aesthetic treatments. The following 6 are the most common causes that lead people to need to renew their eyebrows are:

  1. A low density of hair in the eyebrows due to genetics is more common than you think, which is why many people go for an eyebrow hair transplant.
  2. Stress and anxiety are also two factors that can lead to eyebrow hair loss, if you have lost a big part of your eyebrows, you’ll probably need an eyebrow hair transplant.
  3. Hormonal issues can also be a cause for eyebrow hair loss; an eyebrow hair transplant is necessary for these cases.
  4. People who have recovered from cancer and who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy will also need an eyebrow hair transplant.
  5. When they have suffered accidents and these have left scars on their faces that affect their eyebrows, hair also stops growing in this part.
  6. If you have suffered from poorly done micro blading or the micropigmentation is already fading, it is best to have an eyebrow hair transplant.


The eyebrow hair transplant is done with the same FUE transplant technique that we use for normal hair; The difference in this procedure is that the hair follicles are extracted from different areas of the head or body, such as the area of the sideburns, above the ears. In this way, the eyebrows can grow as they normally did and give you a better appearance.

At Cancun Hair Restoration, the team of expert plastic surgeons who collaborate with us will be in charge of doing the eyebrow hair transplant. This procedure can only be carried out by a team of experts who can perform it delicately and not damage any of the hair follicles.

A general anesthetic is used, very similar to that used by dentists in their procedures, so do not You will feel absolutely nothing during the eyebrow hair transplant. Once the anesthesia takes effect, the doctor will make small incisions where each of the follicles will be placed and with a design that gives you a completely natural appearance.

It is a very short procedure, compared to hair transplant sessions; Usually an eyebrow hair transplant can take between two and three hours. From the moment the extraction begins, until the last follicle has been placed, we will make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

For a better result, between 200 and 300 grafts are required; therefore, it is considered a quick procedure. At the end and after several months of recovery you will have a completely natural appearance. We guarantee the results that we offer you completely and so you have eyebrows as you always wanted.

In short, an eyebrow hair transplant will be the procedure that completely renews your face and give you a more natural appearance. Contact us now from our official website and schedule your appointment with any of the expert hair transplant plastic surgeons who collaborate with us.

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