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Facial Hair Transplant

Faical Hair Transplant

Before and after facial hair transplant with FUE

510 grafts using the FUE method to get a circle beard style. Pre-op and 4 months Post-op photos.

Before and after a facial hair transplant with FUT

In this case we used the FUT method because the patient needed much more hair follicles extracting and placing 1,500 grafts. Pre-op and 1 year Post-op photos.

Having a very thick beard is something that not all men can say they have; If you want to let it grow, it will only grow in certain parts of the face, but never as it develops in other men. For them, a solution is a facial hair transplant with which those spaces can be filled.

Whether due to genetics or any other factor, for many men growing a beard is practically impossible. However, with Cancun Hair Restoration you can have the facial hair transplant you always wanted with a transplant that follows the same procedure as hair grafts with the FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques.


If what you want is to have a thicker beard, the first thing you have to do is contact us. In this way, we will schedule an appointment for you with any of the plastic surgeons at our hair restoration centers in Mexico so that they can closely evaluate your case. We will give you the cost of the facial hair transplant and all the important information about the procedure.

Bearded man in leather jacket

The doctor will see if you are a candidate for this procedure, because, as facial hair transplant is an invasive treatment, he has to make sure that it will not expose your health and that you will obtain the best results, although the risks in this type of operation are very low. We have the best facial hair transplant surgeons with best experience and knowledge in cosmetic treatments.

Since the cost of the facial hair transplant is an important part, you should verify that you can remove enough hair follicles for transplant. This is another point that the doctor who reviews your case will take into account so that your investment is 100 percent insured. If there are not enough follicles, maybe some other treatment will be better for you.



Like hair transplant procedures, at Cancun Hair Restoration , we follow the same FUE and FUT extraction techniques. Both appear to be very simple, but require the expert hand of the best plastic surgeons in facial hair transplant to perform it.

  • FUE Hair¬†Transplant:¬†This consists of the individual extraction of the¬†hair follicles and then placing them on the face.¬†The advantage of this treatment is that it does not leave visible scars, neither in the donor area nor where they are placed.
  • FUT Hair¬†Transplant:¬†This hair transplant technique consists of removing a strip from the donor area, usually from the nape of the head, to extract the largest number of hair follicles.¬†Because a greater number of grafts are extracted, with this technique you will achieve a fuller beard.

Depending on the number of hair follicles that the doctor can extract, it will be how great the results of your facial hair transplant will be. Most of the time it takes between 2000 and 5000 grafts to achieve a full beard. In case you just need to fill some spaces you are not going to need more than that.


The facial hair transplant surgery that we carry out consists of 3 basic steps, these are: the harvesting of the hair follicles, the grafting of each of them and the recovery period. While the former are done during surgery, the third may take a couple of weeks and for the final result it could take for a couple months.

  1. Harvest: Depending on the technique used, this step will be carried out, which consists of obtaining as many hair follicles as possible so that the facial hair transplant is a success. It is completely painless, as we have a specialist who is responsible for the application of local anesthesia.
  2. Implantation: With all the extracted follicles ready, the doctor will begin to place them on the face one by one. For this, delimit very well where you will place them and design the patterns very well so that they have a natural appearance. You will have to indicate the area in which you want the facial hair transplant to take place.
  3. Recovery: At the end of the surgery, the doctor will indicate all the care that you should have during the next few weeks so that you have good results. The appearance of scabs where the grafts were made is normal, but in no more than 10 days they will begin to disappear. 3 to 2 weeks later, the few hairs you see will start to fall out, but it’s also part of the recovery.

It is vitally important that the three steps are carried out to the letter according to medical indications. If you do not follow all the care, the final results will not be those projected before the facial hair transplant.


The facial hair transplant is a complicated procedure, but with very little risk and big benefits. The results of some of our patients can be consulted on this page so that you can check the work we do at CHR. Unlike other treatments, the effects of this operation are permanent and not temporary like others that are less invasive.

The transplant facial hair is a complicated procedure, but with very little risk and big profits. The results of some of our patients can be consulted on this page so that you can check the work we do at CHR. Unlike other treatments, the effects of this operation are permanent and not temporary like others that are less invasive.

Bearded man with red shirt

We have performed the facial hair transplant in areas of the face where there were gaps in the beard so that it has a fuller appearance. In addition, we have delimited and created full beards on people who did not grow a single facial hair.

Contact us right now and learn about what Cancun Hair Restoration can do to improve your appearance. The facial transplant hair is one of our most recognized procedures for the amazing results that many have obtained. We have hair transplant centers in Cancun, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, just choose the paradise where you want to carry out your surgery.

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