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Facial Hair Transplant

510 grafts using the FUE method to get a circle beard style. Pre-op and 4 months Post-op photos.

In this case we used the FUT method because the patient needed much more hair follicles extracting and placing 1,500 grafts. Pre-op and 1 year Post-op photos.

The Paradise Of Hair Restoration

Facial hair transplants do exist and at CHR this is one of the many procedures we perform. We can make it possible and give you that beard, eyebrows, moustache or even side burns that you have always dreamed of with a natural and amazing look.

Facial Hair Transplant

Facial Hair Transplant might sound like something impossible or maybe you have never heard of it. If you are one of the many people who think this is true we can assure you that this procedure can be performed with our CHR team by working in a very detailed and artistic way.

How We Perform Facial Hair Transplants

The hair grafts extraction process for a facial hair transplant is the same in any area, the main difference is the recipient area (where the hair grafts are going to be placed). In most cases for facial hair we use the FUE method because we normally can extract a good amount of hair grafts using this technique and place them in the desired areas. The main advantage would be that there is no scarring left in the donor area and the recovery is much faster than with FUT (Strip).

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