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Best Hair transplant in Mexico •The paradaise of hair restoration•

The Best Hair Transplant in Mexico & Cancun

eyebrow hair transplant
Injection for hair growth
micropigmentation cancun

FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a breakthrough technique in hair restoration. This is basically a hair-by-hair transplantation method that achieves great results.

FUT hair transplant

In FUT hair transplant the follicular unit or cluster of hairs is removed from the donor area in the form of tiny strips and is then placed over the recipient region.

Plastic Surgeries

Plastic surgery has helped many people to look and feel better, at cancun hair restoration we want you to feel good.
Cancun Hair Restoration

Why choose Cancun Hair Restoration

``Dr Alejos and his team treat you like a friend more than a patient. They take the time to do the job right and make sure you are comfortable during the procedure. Their English is great and it is easy to communicate with them. The price and quality of service is excellent. Fernando and Sylvia have many years of experience and they have worked in America and England. Cancun is a beautiful place to relax while you are resting from the surgery.``

Dr. Patricia Panamá.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Martha Patricia Panamá and our highly skilled team of hair transplant specialist welcome you to Cancun Hair Restoration. Dr. Panamá is a member of both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Mexican Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, she is a highly qualified cosmetic and plastic surgeon who specializes in beauty procedures like breast augmentation, hair transplantation, liposuction, nose surgery and more…

Cancun Hair Restoration

About Us

Cancun Hair Restoration is a hair transplant company that was funded in 2016 in Cancún México. Our hair transplant specialists have more than 17 years of experience in this area, working with some of the best company’s in U.S and U.K. At Cancun Hair Restoration we offer hair transplant surgeries with the best and most advanced techniques like FUT, FUE and Scalp Micropigmentation. We also perform facial hair transplants for any male patients that want a full beard and eyebrow hair transplant for females that are looking for fuller, thicker eyebrows. PRP treatments is also one of our many specialties. The PRP injections are recommended after your hair transplant surgery because the new hair that has been placed will grow much thicker, healthier and faster. At CHR Clinic we are here to not only provide you with hair restoration solutions but to help you during your entire stay in Cancun. It’s our intention to ensure your entire medical vacation experience seamlessly and stress-free.



We are in strategic areas for your comfort:

Cancun Mexico
Mexico City
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
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They said


Excellent doctors and attention. The results were very satisfactory. Recommended
Gilbert Nichols


Super excellent I went from the United States and they treated me very well, all very kind and apart in all the places I looked for and in other countries the procedure was more than doubled .. They work calmly and delicately and my results have advanced enormously .. I recommend them This place will not regret it if you are looking for the best prices and best results is here.
Donald Nichols


Very good professionals, Dr. Fernando and Sylvia made me feel safe throughout my hair transplantation process, the results have been excellent, I traveled from the United States to perform the procedure, reasonable prices, adapting to the patient's needs, I recommend them , in my experience very grateful to all
Sara Madrid


They were a phenomenal team, Dr Alejos and Sylvia, true artists in hair restoration. Dr. Fernando Alejos has years of experience and is an expert in his field. They have practiced in London as well as Beverly Hills, CA. We had a lot of questions & they took the time to explain everything. A very professional but warm, compassionate couple. We couldn’t have chosen anyone better for this journey. I still can’t believe their prices. We paid .10 on the dollar comparative to US. They also provide PRP procedures to stop hair loss. If you are considering having a hair transplant call them today.
Lisa Anderson


I highly recommend Cancun hair restoration. I flew all the way from Toronto Canada to get this procedure done. Not only was the price fair, Sylvia and Fernando were very professional when they did the procedure. I was a little nervous going in but they made me feel very comfortable . And what made me very happy too was that there were very clean. And what is also very professional about them is that they text you every day after the procedure to make sure you’re doing OK and you’re doing the right things after the surgery is done. And again I would like to thank Fernando and Sylvia on a great job.
Gavin Ring


Fernando & Sylvia were friendly, welcoming and had great communication through the whole process before during and after the procedure. They took great pride in the job and excitement about the results showed me how passionate they are about theirwork. They did amazing job and they were extremely nice. Cancun Airport pickup, drop off, Hotel accommodation were nice and convenient.
Srinivas Mandala

Welcome to Cancun Hair Restoration

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