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FUT Hair Transplant

preview-lightbox-Strip Harvesting

Here comes the most carefully operated phase. In this step- tiny incisions are made in the trimmed strip with the help of micro blades. The strip is them cautiously removed under our stereo-microscope. These removed follicles are then kept in a safe Bio-Life solution until placed in the recipient area.


The removed grafts are now supposed to be treated under the microscope. They are in 4 natural occurring patterns ranging from 1-4 follicle units. These units are then stored in cold temperature with stem cell and Bio-life solutions. To acquire the best possible results the harvested and dissected grafts are cross checked. The more thick and healthy growing follicles are opted for the recipient area. This is not all; these grafts are then exposed to nutrients in Bio- life solutions for exceptional results.


In this phase as the name indicates, the doctors will prepare the recipient area by making tiny holes for the placement of grafts. The four already prepared follicle units will be place in ascending order from the hairline. The right angle and direction is carefully considered to get the perfect natural looking hair transplantation. As the pattern of graft placement is a key to acquire the best results.


After 10 days of surgery the stitches in the donor area will be removed. The patient will then be instructed to wear the provided surgical cap to keep the transplanted and the donor area safely covered. The restored hair will fall out after a couple of weeks. Afterwards the transplanted follicles will start growing naturally by following the pattern of existing hairs. For better growth be very conscious about the basic growth determinants including diet and medications.

The Paradise Of Hair Restoration

Hair is an expression of yourself.  It is an outlet to show individuality. Hair restoration is not new and was introduced back in 1930’s. The FUT hair transplant was The breakthrough surgery and considered an outstanding procedure for natural looking hair.  New practices have been introduced to enhance the FUT hair restoration surgery.

FUT Hair Transplant

In FUT hair transplant, the follicular unit or cluster of hairs is removed from the donor area in the form of tiny strips and is then placed over the recipient region. The patient is given a local anesthesia and the whole surgery is performed very carefully under microscopic view. The best part is that the patient does not need to get hospitalized with couple of sessions he will get the desired result in 1 day.

How We Perform FUT Hair Transplants

Couple of days prior to surgery, the patient is told to avoid smoking and alcohol as they can contribute to poor graft endurance. At the time of surgical treatment, initially the patient is being cautiously analyzed. Then the posterior scalp region better known as the donor area is thoroughly examined for further proceedings. Our experts will mark the strip area which will be removed for transplantation procedure.

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