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PRP Injections: a treatment for effective hair restoration

At Cancun Hair Restoration , we perform PRP injections that can help you recover from hair loss in Mexico as a proactive therapeutic option for male and female patients experiencing this problem. With this procedure you will achieve great results, especially for hair restoration, without resorting to more invasive treatments.

Our blood plasma (PRP) contains active growth factors that can promote hair growth. By helping to regain confidence, the end result is fuller, healthier looking hair. At Cancun Hair Restoration, we perform PRP injections and with exceptional quality and care in order you get the results you’re looking for. You can consult with any doctor about the benefits of a procedure like this.

The main objective of the PRP injections therapy is to accelerate the regeneration of the skin or any tissue where it is applied. At Cancun Hair Restoration, we use it primarily to restore the skin of the scalp and promote hair growth naturally.

However, we also resort to the PRP treatment for skin rejuvenation, especially so that fine lines begin to fade until they are practically imperceptible. Without a doubt, it is a simple procedure that has great benefits for you.


Prp treatment

Once you schedule your appointment with one of the Cancun Hair Restoration doctors, he will be in charge of giving you every detail of the PRP injections. However, here we will explain roughly what it consists of; In addition, we will tell you the main benefits that it has so that you decide to do it with us.

In case you didn’t know, to carry out this treatment we use platelets from your own blood, with a mixture of autologous proteins, to create a plasma rich in growth factors. It is completely safe and your body will not have rejection problems as it is made with your own blood during the treatment with PRP injections.

These platelets are subjected to a special centrifugation procedure to eliminate leukocytes and obtain a greater quantity of platelets than in peripheral blood.  If you have ulcers, severe muscle injuries, problems in your bone system, tendons or joints, you can resort to a PRP injections therapy to solve them. It is a simple, inexpensive procedure with great results.

It will not take more than 45 minutes, since the spin will take approximately 14 minutes and as soon as it is ready we can apply the PRP injections to the scalp or in the area of ​​your skin where you want to eliminate expression lines.

A topical anesthesia is applied to the scalp and a massage is given so that you do not have the slightest discomfort during the application. Once finished, you can return to your hotel without problem and without extra care.

This procedure is born from the idea of repairing all damaged tissues and stimulating the body to regenerate everything lost or damaged, regardless of the factor that caused it. In the case of hair loss, PRP injections will stimulate hair regeneration in a natural way so that you recover the appearance that your hair had before you lost it.

However, not only will it help you regenerate all that hair you have lost, but it can also be a factor in strengthening the hair you still have so that you do not lose more. There are many scientific articles that support a treatment such as PRP injections for hair regrowth.

PRP Injections: The procedure at CHR

  1. When you arrive at CHR to get PRP injections, the first thing the medical staff will do is take the blood sample that will be used to carry out the treatment. The amount will be different according to the needs of each patient; during the first medical check-up, the doctor will determine it properly.
  2. Later, the blood sample that will be taken from your body will be placed for centrifugation in a machine that spins at high speed. During the 15 minutes that it remains in it, it’ll allow all the components of the blood to separate properly and thus use only what is necessary for the PRP injections.
  3. Once separated, a specialist will be in charge of preparing all the PRP injections that the surgeon will use on you. This part is very important since only an expert doctor can carry out this procedure so that only the properties of the blood that will influence the hair restoration are used.
  4. Finally, the plastic surgeon will be in charge of applying PRP injections in different parts of the head, especially those where there is advanced hair loss. From the first appointment with the doctor, he will point out all the points where you will need it to be applied to get the most out of the treatment.


Prp therapy in mexico

Previously we mentioned some of the uses for which this type of therapy can be used, especially for skin restoration. Therefore, below, we will tell you some of the uses for which you can request PRP injections at Cancun Hair Restoration.

  • Adds volume and smooths deep folds and wrinkles on the face.
  • Give volume to thin lips; they will have a completely natural appearance.
  • Reduce fine lines around the neck.
  • Enhance cheeks to enhance youth.
  • Reduce or eliminate bags under the eyes, get ready for a look a thousand times younger.
  • Improves the appearance of recessed scars.
  • Enhance the shallow contours you may have on your skin.
  • Convert Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP) to Biological Plasma Filler Gel.
  • We can inject it into the face, neck, breasts and glutes, wherever you want to improve your appearance.
  • Volume, wrinkles, deep folds, unsightly lines and unusual thinness.



Prp in mexico

To improve your appearance and your health, are some of the main benefits that you will obtain from a treatment such as PRP injections with Cancun Hair Restoration; But that’s not all, because it has great advantages that you can take full advantage of.

  • It is a minimally invasive procedure with rapid recovery.
  • Reduced costs and price since it used autologous blood as a filler.
  • Painless, sedation is not used, although we can use a light topical anesthesia if you wish.
  • There are no known related risks, as it involves your own blood.
  • No known side effects, more than a slight discomfort where it has been applied.

The results last 18 to 24 months after the last treatment, so you will not have to return to our clinic soon. The PRP injections in Mexico is an excellent choice especially if you recently had a hair transplant because it will promote the growth of your new hair harder.

Schedule your appointment with us right now and ask everything you want to know about this incredible treatment. PRP injections is one of the best for hair restorations in case you don’t want to get a hair transplant.

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