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Surgeon working with an ARTAS hair transplant robotic arm

ARTAS Hair Transplant: The most frequently asked questions

In few clinics you will find an ARTAS hair transplant like the one we offer you at Cancun Hair Restoration. It is a very advanced technology in hair restoration that not everyone has available or the knowledge to operate it properly. This makes us experts in the field and capable of answering any questions you have about it.

The questions that we show you here about the ARTAS hair transplant are the ones most frequently asked by our patients, especially those who were completely unaware of the procedure. We hope that the answer we give you here is the one you are looking for; if not, remember that you can send us a message from our website .

ARTAS hair transplant done in Cancun Hair Restoration

ARTAS Hair Transplant questions

  • What is the ARTAS hair restoration system?

The ARTAS hair transplant robot is the latest technology in hair restoration; It consists of a robotic arm that is responsible for extracting and placing each of the follicles. It is an artificial intelligence system that can make millimeter cuts to take each follicle and make the procedure as less invasive as possible and with better results.

  • What is the exact operation of the ARTAS robot?

During the ARTAS hair transplant, the robotic arm is in charge of completely scanning the scalp to determine which are the ideal follicles to replace them on the head. The operating system it has is capable of reviewing them faster than the human eye; you can rest, read or do whatever you want while the machine works.

The robot not only takes care of the extraction of the hair follicles during the ARTAS hair transplant; Also, he can determine the best implantation area and style the patient’s hairline for a natural appearance. This can be done in a matter of seconds, which speeds up this intervention by hours, which is very long.

  • Why is ARTAS hair transplant better than other hair restoration procedures?

There are many reasons why ARTAS hair transplantation is better than other hair restoration techniques, but here we will mention the two most important ones: time and precision. From the outset, the robot reduces a procedure that can take up to 12 hours, depending on the case, by up to half.

The second factor is the recision, since the robot will make exact cuts during the ARTAS hair transplant ; without these being very deep and taking time to heal or being very external and the hair follicles cannot be extracted or properly placed. This is also an advantage when preserving them, since the robotic arm will be able to preserve them better.

  • How long does an ARTAS hair transplant last?

As we mentioned earlier, the robotic arm in an ARTAS hair transplant makes the procedure shorter than one done manually by the plastic surgeon. This means that a session of between 4 and 6 hours will be enough to be able to extract and reposition each one of the hair follicles and that you have the best results.

  • Do I need to shave my head before hair transplant?

Yes, the hair must be 1 mm long so that the ARTAS robot can easily extract and identify all the most useful follicles during hair transplantation. However, the haircut will only be done in the area to be treated and we will take care of that before starting the procedure.

  • How long does recovery take?

After the ARTAS hair transplant you will be able to return home without any problem, just make sure you follow perfectly all the post-operative instructions given by the doctor. A couple of days after the operation you will have some discomfort, but with analgesics and anti-inflammatories you will be able to get through it without problems.

The next day you will be able to carry out your normal activities such as going to work, as long as you do not expose yourself to the sun and take good care of the area where the hair follicles were placed. You will see that after a couple of months you will no longer have any discomfort and you will begin to see the results of the ARTAS hair transplant .

  • When do the results begin to be noticed with ARTAS?

Although ARTAS hair transplant speeds up the procedure, the same does not happen with the results. As with any other hair transplant, with this one it will take between 8 and 12 months to notice the results of the operation; however, from month three you will be able to notice the before and after of the operation.

  • Are the results of ARTAS hair transplant permanent?

Yes, definitely! You will not have to worry about baldness again after the operation; but it is very important that you have proper follow-up and care after surgery. Otherwise, you could lose the hair follicles that were transplanted during the procedure and not have the expected results.

  • How painful is the procedure?

A procedure like the ARTAS hair transplant is not painful ; the anesthesiologists will make sure that you do not feel even the slightest discomfort. You can read a book, your tablet, your phone or even fall asleep while the surgeons carry out the operation. In addition, the cuts of the ARTAS robot are very precise so that you do not feel a thing.

  • Will it be known that I had an ARTAS hair transplant?

One of the advantages of the procedure with the ARTAS robot is that the operating system will ensure that the final result has a natural appearance. For this reason, you use your own hair and thus maintain the tone you have. The design is one of the most important parts of the procedure and we will make sure it looks its best.

  • How much does ARTAS hair transplant cost?

Every case of baldness is different; For this reason, the price we have at Cancun Hair Restoration for hair transplantation with the ARTAS robotic arm is given individually before the operation. The plastic surgeon will analyze your case in detail and determine how many follicles you need and then a final cost will be given for your procedure.

  • Is this the ideal procedure for my baldness?

There is no medication or treatment that can help you recover from baldness definitively like the ARTAS hair transplant. If you have a very advanced problem of hair loss, in short, yes, this is the procedure for you. So don’t wait any longer and schedule your appointment with any of the plastic surgeons at Cancun Hair Restoration.

Cancun Hair Restoration ARTAS hair transplant station

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