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The DHI hair transplant is a new hair restoration alternative that we offer you at Cancun Hair Restoration. It is one of the most modern techniques that will give you an incredible result with a 100 percent natural appearance. Remember that in our clinic we are experts in all the different hair recovery methods.

One of the main advantages that this procedure has is that it will not leave a single scar on your scalp. In addition, no one will notice that you have had a DHI hair transplant, since it is left with the same design as your scalp. It is a very simple surgery with very low risk and for which special equipment is needed.

So that you know more about how we carry out this procedure, next, we will tell you how we carry it out at CHR. In addition, you will learn about the differences between the DHI hair transplant and the FUE technique, with which it shares certain similarities. Finally, we will tell you the benefits that this procedure has and how you can schedule your appointment with CHR.

Don’t forget, if you have any further questions about DHI hair transplantation or any of our hair restoration procedures, you can send us a message from our official website. As soon as we receive your message, an expert from Cancun Hair Restoration will answer it in detail.

A bald man that needs a DHI hair transplant

DHI Hair Transplant: The procedure

The DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) hair transplant consists of placing hair implants in the area of the head with the greatest loss. As with the FUE hair transplant, this is done follicle by follicle; however, the main difference is that this procedure is done with a special tool and the implantation is done instantly.

This does not leave the slightest trace or scar and gives the patient a completely natural appearance. It is faster, because there is no space for caring for the follicles and, in certain cases, recovery can be faster than with any other of the hair transplant techniques that we offer at Cancun Hair Restoration.

We can summarize this procedure for you in 3 simple steps, although the doctor’s work in DHI hair transplantation is more detailed; these steps are:

  1. The first step for DHI hair transplantation is the preparation of the area to be treated; For this reason, it begins by shaving that area of the head and applying a local anesthetic so that you do not feel the slightest discomfort during the procedure.
  2. The plastic surgeon will be in charge of collecting the hair follicles one by one with a special tool known as Choi Implanter Pen, which has a diameter of approximately 1 mm or less that allows adequate extraction.
  3. The next step consists of the immediate placement of each of the follicles collected with the same tool in the recipient area. These two steps are done immediately, which guarantees greater care of the grafts.
  4. The third step is the creation of implant channels that have a natural appearance, which is achieved little by little as the doctor places each of the hair follicles in the area where there is greater hair loss.
  5. Once he has finished extracting all the follicles necessary to correct your hair loss problem, the doctor will apply a special antibiotic cream and place temporary bandages where the DHI hair transplant was performed.

Doctor checking a patient before a DHI hair transplant

With the help of the Choi Implanter Pen, the plastic surgeon can position the hair follicles with greater control of the angle, direction of the hair and proper depth. In this way, the best possible results are obtained with DHI hair transplant compared to other hair transplant techniques.

The DHI hair transplant technique is an improved version of the FUE hair transplant, as the procedure is very similar. The follicles are extracted from the lateral and nape areas of the head, where there is generally a greater volume. However, the use of the tool and the immediacy of placement offer better results to patients.

As for the duration of each session of this procedure, it can vary depending on how advanced the hair loss is; however, most of the time it can be between 6 and 8 hours, or even less. Recovery from a DHI hair transplant will take between 1 and 2 months and after 10 months you will be able to see the final results of the operation.

DHI Hair Transplant vs. FUE Hair Transplant

As we already mentioned, both procedures are very similar; however, there are important factors that distinguish them from one another that you should also consider. The DHI hair transplant has its advantages and differences, which we decided to place in the following 6 points:

  1. Immediate placement: First, each of the follicles are immediately placed in the recipient area during DHI hair transplantation. They do not have to be placed in storage for relocation.
  2. The care of the follicles: Due to the previous point, it is not necessary to place the follicles in conservation so that they are not damaged. For this reason, the largest number of follicles can be placed with the DHI hair transplant.
  3. The use of a specialized tool: In order to perform the DHI hair transplant, the plastic surgeon requires the Choi Implanter Pen. This tool is specialized and only plastic surgeons with experience and knowledge know how to use it.
  4. The duration of the session: Due to the fact that the placement is done immediately, the DHI hair transplant session lasts less. Although it is still a long surgery, the time can be reduced with the help of the Choi Implanter Pen.
  5. Recovery from the operation: The Choi Implanter Pen helps the doctor to make smaller incisions in order to properly position the hair follicles during the DHI hair transplant; this in turn allows the patient to recover faster.
  6. The cost of the procedure: Without a doubt another important factor is the cost of the DHI hair transplant; this is higher than with the FUE technique, but it will be different according to the needs of each patient.

Benefits of DHI Hair Transplant

Doctor preparing a patient before a DHI hair transplant

Now that you know better what this procedure consists of, we will tell you the main benefits of the DHI hair transplant. This way you will have a little more clarity about which hair restoration technique is the most suitable for your hair loss problem. Do not forget that, before your surgery, the doctor will tell you the options you have and their advantages.

  • Quick recovery: This is already a point that we mentioned before, but it is important that you know that you will not have to do without your usual activities. After your DHI hair transplant you can go back to work and after a couple of weeks you will be able to resume more physical activities.
  • It is completely painless: Within the CHR medical team, expert anesthesiologists collaborate who will ensure that you do not feel the slightest discomfort during the procedure. In addition, at the end we will prescribe pain relievers that will help you during the recovery process.
  • Natural results: Creating the hair design is not an easy task; the plastic surgeon will give you a completely natural appearance. In addition, since it is your hair that will be transplanted, it will have the same hair color; so the final result of the DHI hair transplant will be 100 percent natural.
  • Performed by experts: Only plastic surgeons with experience in hair restoration will perform the surgery. The operation of the Choi Implanter Pen can only be carried out by someone with extensive experience and the Cancun Hair Restoration team has the proper certification to do so.
  • Guaranteed results: With the DHI hair transplant that we offer you at CHR you will have the hair restoration results that you expect. The experience of our medical team is extensive and you can see the results we have with this and other techniques from our website.
  • Safe procedure: In our clinic we have the right equipment to perform a DHI hair transplant safely. Our operating rooms are reviewed by the main government health institutions and the plastic surgeons have the experience to offer you the best service possible.

The DHI hair transplant is, without a doubt, one of the best hair restoration alternatives in the world and that we have available at Cancun Hair Restoration. Not any clinic in Mexico and in other countries has the equipment and medical personnel to carry it out; in addition, that it offers you such a low price for the procedure.

Do not wait any longer and schedule your appointment with the hair restoration experts at CHR to recover your appearance with the DHI hair transplant. We offer you the best possible results, just send us a message to our contact page and on your next vacation you will completely change your appearance.

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