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Lip fillers before and after; woman with a needle for lip filler

Lip Fillers Before and After: how the results will be?

The lip fillers before and after will be very noticeable from your first session at Cancun Hair Restoration. These results will last for a long time and will not affect your body in any way; however, eventually your body will absorb them and they will return to their original state.

If what you want is that this before and after lip fillers has a longer duration, in this blog we will tell you some points that you can take into consideration so that it is so and what can affect its duration. In addition, we will tell you what these fillers are made of and how you can get your first session at our clinic.

More about lip fillers

The lips Fillers can be made of different substances, but the one that is most used because it is natural and gives excellent results is hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in the body. What this filler does on your lips is give them more volume without looking overdone, fully define them and give them a better appearance.

Keep in mind that a plastic surgeon is the most suitable person to apply lip fillers inside an office or clinic. Not only will this ensure that you get the best results, but it will also prevent you from having any problems later due to poor filler application.

It doesn’t matter how safe the lips are fillers that you are going to apply, if the person who injects you with the filler is not someone with experience, you could suffer serious consequences. Therefore, when looking for this procedure, make sure that the place you choose is a clinic specialized in aesthetic procedures such as Cancun Hair Restoration.

If the lip fillers are correctly apply, the before and after of the procedure is more noticeable, the specialist has to distribute the filler homogeneously on the lips and there are no more bulky areas than others. By going to a clinic or center of poor quality, you will be putting at risk, not only your appearance, but also your health.

Lip fillers before and after; doctor applying lip fillers

Lip Fillers Before and After results

The lip fillers before and after will be more noticeable a couple of days after you come to our clinic to apply it; especially once the swelling from the lip injections has gone down and any residue has been spread out well so that it doesn’t leave a lump.

The main results you will see before and after lip fillers are:

  • Lips with greater volume: This is the main result that you will see after the procedure and the one that will surely interest you the most. The medical team will make a recommendation of how much volume is best for you without damaging your skin.
  • Elimination of bumps: It is possible that after applying the lip fillers left some lumps on your lips; this in a couple of days will disappear and they will look natural. Also if you have something that doesn’t make them symmetrical, this procedure will fix it.
  • Greater definition on the lips: Another result that you can see in the before and after lip fillers is the definition on your lips. These will stand out more and each line will be defined in the best way.
  • Moisturized lips: By using a lip filler such as hyaluronic acid, it will be possible for you to notice how the skin of your lips looks more moisturized and with a better color. This will give you a more natural and beautiful appearance.

You will have these results as long as you go to a recognized clinic where they guarantee that the material they use is of quality and who will apply your fillers is someone expert. The lip fillers before and after you are looking for, you’ll get it in a specialized center such as Cancun Hair Restoration, so schedule your appointment now.

Lip fillers before and after; lip fillers application"

How you can keep your Lip Fillers Before and After more time?

Maintain the results you see in the before and after lip fillers is relatively easy and you won’t have to completely change your daily routine. The following three tips that we will give you will help you, not only so that your lips keep the fillers longer, but also to improve your body in general.

  1. Maintain a balanced diet: Especially with anti-inflammatory foods for the first few days after your session that are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Avoid foods with a lot of sugar and that affect your health such as junk food, which affect your levels of collagen and hyaluronic acid.
  2. Go with specialists: An expert surgeon will properly apply the filler to guarantee its duration; In addition, you will use medical grade equipment and not simple syringes to apply the hyaluronic acid. Also, you will be sure that the material used is of good quality and is not discounted.
  3. Use more treatments : There are many other treatments that will give you incredible results to increase the size of your lips and keep it longer. If you combine them with the use of lip fillers , you will make the appearance you achieve with this procedure more durable.

Schedule your appointment now with the best clinic specializing in hair restoration and aesthetic procedures in Cancun: Cancun Hair Restoration. We guarantee that after your first session you will notice the difference between the lip fillers before and after immediately.

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