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Myths about hair loss

Myths about hair loss

Are you thinking about having a hair restoration in Mexico, but the myths surrounding hair loss stop you? Read on and, in the company of CancĂșn Hair Restoration, know the truth. There are many myths that surround hair loss: its causes, at what age it occurs, who is more likely to suffer it In part it is the fault of the Internet, as it offers an excess of information, mostly unverified. That is the reason why we decided to write this article: it is time to break the myths about hair loss.

Common myths about hair loss

«Hair loss is a genetic inheritance from the father / mother»

FALSE. This myth is completely false, to the point that nobody agrees and some people say that it is from the father and others that it is thanks to the mother’s genetics. What is certain is that there is a predisposition to baldness in men, it does not mean that it is a condition with which they are born. Furthermore, it is known that hair loss is a condition dependent on dominant patterns. That is, if there are men – or women – with total or partial baldness within your family, it is likely that you too will have hair loss at some point in your life, although it is not a general rule.

«Direct contact with the sun will cause hair loss»

FALSE. The sun is a great ally of your skin, as it provides vitamin E, essential for the human body. But long exposure is not. Nobody likes to get sunburned, because of dead skin that falls on clothes… But no, don’t worry: you will not suffer hair loss from sun exposure. So, enjoy the summer heat, using sunscreen for your skin and without worrying about hair loss.

“Hair loss only affects men”

FALSE. This is, perhaps, one of the most widespread myths and it is false. Although it is true that hair loss is more frequent in men, they are not the only ones who can suffer from it: there are also women who face baldness problems. But, for both cases there is a solution: hair transplantation. Remember that you should consult with an expert before making the final decision.

«Living with stress will make you bald»

PART TRUE, PART FALSE. It’s true that anxiety, traumatic events, and emotional stress can contribute to temporary hair loss. However, therein lies the key: temporary. Stress will not leave you bald for the rest of your days, but it does need to be treated with the seriousness it deserves.

«If you take vitamins, you can stop hair loss»

FALSE. It is something that sounds too good to be true. Vitamins for hair loss are only useful in cases where you are deficient in that particular nutrient, which is usually vitamin E. Otherwise, they will be of no use and you will have wasted your money on something pointless. Remember that, before choosing hair transplantation as the solution to your hair loss problem, you need to consult an expert, such as the Hair Repair Cancun team. Also, if you decide to undergo a hair transplant, think about where you want to recover from the procedure. A beach like Cancun is a great option. Contact us. We are waiting for you.​
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