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Hair Transplant Consultation and all you need to know about it

Getting a hair transplant in Mexico City sounds great, but behind a good result lies an extended process. First of all, you have to do a space on your day to meet your doctor. But, what to expect in a hair transplant consultation? Tests? Many questions? Don’t be nervous! Our experts will tell you in this article some things and facts about this important part of the process.

That’s why we decided to make this blog so you know the basics about hair transplant consultation and you don’t come to the clinic without knowing anything about it. Everything that the doctor needs to know to give you a better service will be discussed during this first important interview.


Every case of hair loss is different. The causes may be the same, but the origin is different and, by this reason, the result can be different. Through the hair transplant consultation, you will be able to discuss with the doctor the results you expect from the hair transplant procedure.

The health professional, thanks to his experience, will recommend the best treatment according to the characteristics of your hair loss. In addition, the hair transplant consultation is the ideal time to solve all your doubts.

Many people, however, fear going for a hair transplant consultation, either out of embarrassment or because they don’t know what to expect. Some of the things you can expect are:


During the hair transplant consultation, the doctor will check your scalp to assess the type of hair loss you have. There is no other way to know what type of treatment is ideal for you. With this evaluation, it will also be possible to determine how many hair grafts are necessary to achieve a more natural look.

Although the rate of suitable candidates for hair transplantation is high, without a scalp examination it is impossible to determine that this is the best solution for you. In some cases, the hair loss is not as serious or is a temporary process due to some medications. For these types of cases there are non-surgical treatments.


Medical history is very important before making a decision. In it, it is possible to know previous diseases, medical treatments or genetic factors that may have an influence on hair loss. Physical examination during the hair transplant consultation is important, but consideration of prior medical factors is essential. In this way, it will be possible to suggest the ideal treatment for you.


Once the doctor completes the review and recommends the best treatment for you in the hair transplant consultation, we recommend asking the following questions:

  • What are the risks of the treatment?
  • What benefits will the chosen treatment bring?
  • Should you prepare before the operation?
  • What care should you have after the operation?

During the hair transplant consultation, it can also be a platform to discuss the cost of the suggested treatment. A hair transplant abroad may be an option in this case because, in addition to paying for the treatment, you will enjoy a few days off, away from your daily routine.


You have likely been researching different hair transplant clinics. Some of them offer free hair transplant consultations to start treatment. However, these consultations are usually with sales agents who take a commission for each person who comes to the agency.

At Cancun Hair Repair you won’t run into that. Our staff is trained to review and evaluate your medical history, as well as your level of hair loss. This will give you the guarantee of being before professionals who only look for the best for you.

Find the most optimal solution for you contacting us. Come with the experts of Cancun Hair Restoration and get great hair again! We are waiting for you. We make the most confortable experience from the first hair transplant consultation to your last.

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