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Is it too late for a hair transplant

Is it too late for a hair transplant?

One of the most common questions we receive is the one that gives this blog its title: Is it too late for a hair transplant? As experts in hair transplants in Mexico we have a clear answer for it. Read on to find out.

Too late for a hair transplant? Not for us!

Never is too late for a hair transplant. We recommend and consider it necessary to analyze your case in a personal and specialized way to determine if you are a candidate for hair transplant surgery. But even so, we can tell you that, in most cases, it is never too late to decide to regain your hair’s beautiful appearance.

About the situation…

The first factor is to evaluate how serious the baldness situation is. If you have the donor strip of hair around the back and sides of your scalp, you have lost approximately 25,000 grafts.

This means that there will be a considerable reduction in grafts to work with and could complicate the transplant, but not make it impossible. You will need to consult directly with the expert to know what your situation is and what working conditions will be, as well as the expected final result.

Your age

People who suffer from hair loss usually have several factors for it, which can be: hormonal fluctuations, family history and aging.

It is held, as a general rule, that the earlier the hair loss process begins, the greater the number of hairs lost. For example, male pattern baldness can begin in adolescence and reach transplantation before the age of 35. Some doctors recommend waiting a little longer to perform the transplant, as hair loss patterns are often unpredictable.


When you go to an expert to discuss scheduling a hair restoration surgery, your scalp will be examined to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure.

Among the factors that are analyzed and considered are:

  • The elasticity of the scalp.
  • If the hair follicles are active. It is considered active even if they produce thin locks.
  • The amount of donor hair needed. That is, the number of follicles available for the procedure and if it is advisable to proceed with that amount.

Don’t worry, there are very good results with a small number of follicles available in the donor area.

Looking to the future

If you are just starting out with hair loss and are thinking about having hair transplantation in the future, we will tell you something important. We have experimented and worked with new surgical techniques that will allow the successful transplantation of body hair.

This represents an important advance, since, with the hair on the legs or arms, it will be possible to wear incredible hair again.

But, without a doubt, the only person who can tell you if it is too late for a hair transplant is an expert. Contact us. Come with the experts of Cancun Hair Restoration and get a great hair again! We are waiting for you.

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