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How to get a Hair Transplant Abroad in Mexico in 3 steps?

For those who live in countries like the United States or Europe, paying for an ethical procedure is very complicated, especially due to the high costs they have in these places. For this reason, many seek a hair transplant abroad and most choose Mexico as their final destination.

As an aesthetic clinic specialized in hair transplantation, we want to help you find a suitable place and schedule your appointment; In addition, we will tell you how you can prepare for your treatment and what you will have to do once it is finished. We hope this guide is useful to you and finally change your life with a hair transplant in Cancun.

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How to find the best Hair Transplant Clinic Abroad?

1. Know the treatment      

To begin, the first thing you have to consider is the treatment that will give you the best results to recover your hair. Although, the plastic surgeon will be the one to tell you which is the best hair restoration treatment to follow, it is important that you know them so that you begin to become familiar with them.

With Cancun Hair Restoration, we offer you four different hair transplant treatments at different costs, which we will give you when you contact us; these are:

  • FUT hair transplant: This treatment consists of removing a 20×1 cm strip from the nape of the neck and from there extract the necessary hair follicles to cover the part of the hair with the most baldness problems.
  • FUE hair transplant:¬†Unlike the FUT, this does not require removing a complete strip, but the hair follicles are extracted one by one to put them back in the most affected area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe head.
  • Facial Hair Transplant: For this type of hair transplant, the FUE extraction technique is used to¬†obtain all the possible follicles and place them in the beard area.
  • ARTAS Hair Transplant:¬†This is one of the most modern hair restoration techniques;¬†For this, we use an ARTAS robot that helps to collect the hair follicles in the best possible way and are useful for a better result.

However, these are not the only possible treatments for you to recover your hair; At CHR we have other procedures that can help you. If you write to us from our website, we can explain a little more about it.


2. Contact the clinic      

Since you know what the procedure is, the next thing you should do is look for the best clinic option and for this you must take certain things into consideration. To make sure it is a good place, check the website, the comments made by patients and all the information they have available; this way you will be sure of the quality of the procedure.

Some of the things you should consider to choose the ideal hair transplant clinic are:

  • Adequate facilities to perform the procedure.
  • Prepared, certified and recognized plastic surgeons.
  • Affordable costs in hair transplantation abroad.
  • Extensive experience in hair restoration.

Cancun Hair Restoration has all these features, plus you will have full attention in English so you don’t struggle.¬†If you have questions about our services or the results of our procedures, please see our page¬†Reviews¬†and see comments that¬†the¬†patients have left.

Since you have decided to come to Cancun Hair Restoration, what you have to do is contact us from our page and schedule your appointment with one of the plastic surgeons who collaborate with us.


3. Prepare for surgery      

The next thing you should do is prepare for your hair transplant abroad; This includes scheduling your appointment and preparing your trip. Also, it is important that you know your state of health, since the viability of the procedure will depend on this. These two points are key to preparing for your surgery.

  • First of all, what you have to check is your¬†health, since, if you do have a complication, medical care abroad can be more complicated.¬†Although hair transplantation is very minimally invasive, there is always a margin of risk that you must consider.
  • Second, what you need is to¬†plan your trip¬†perfectly;¬†from the days you will have free to perform the procedure.¬†Find a hotel and even plan a vacation so you can enjoy your visit to Cancun.¬†It is a quick procedure and one session will be enough to obtain the best results.

Upon arrival in Cancun, a couple of days before your operation, we will perform blood tests that will tell us if any complications could occur during the surgery. This with the intention of guaranteeing your health at all times; few are the cases of people who are not viable for a hair transplant, as it is a very simple surgery.

Regarding the aftercare that you should have once your hair transplant has been carried out, these will be indicated by your doctor. When planning your trip, consider a couple of days to recover from the operation.


If you are looking for a good hair transplant abroad, your best option is Cancun Hair Restoration; We have the best facilities to carry out the operation without problems. Write to us from our website and we will answer all the questions you have about the procedure and for you to schedule your appointment.

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