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Is there a right age to get a Hair Transplant?

Is there a right age to get a Hair Transplant?

To get the #BestHairTransplantInMexico you need to contact us. No matter if you are too young or you think you are too old: all people need a great hair.

Is there a right age to get a Hair Transplant?

When someone asks us for the first time, one of the most frequent questions is “Am I of age to have a hair transplant?”, Followed by “Am I the right age for the procedure?” We are not surprised, as people come to us because they want to get the best hair transplant in Mexico.

Many people think that being too young or too old influences the transplant outcome, but is this true? Below, you will find the answer to this question.

The right age for hair transplantation: does it exist?

To be honest, there is no proper age to perform a hair transplant procedure. This can be done as long as the patient has hair loss, which is treatable with surgery, a donor area and that there are no medical or surgical contraindications.

This means that any patient who has the information and wants to do it, can undergo a hair transplant. But here’s another very important question: does it matter if a patient starts a transplant early or waits until they are a little older?

Hair transplantation if you are under 21

You have come this far because you are in that age range and you find yourself in the need to wear a cap all the time to avoid people staring at your head when you go down the street or are in a public place.

We have good news for you: if you suffer from permanent and non-progressive hair loss, as occurs in scars and congenital areas of alopecia, it is possible to successfully perform the procedure, even if you are a person under 21 years of age. If you have questions about your case, contact us and get more information.

Better results: young or old patients?

This depends on many health factors. If an older person does not have health problems such as diabetes or chronic smoking, the transplant reception will be optimal. This added to the fact that the procedure is minimally invasive and very well tolerated by almost all patients, regardless of whether the scalp is young or old.

In addition, the place where you decide to perform your hair transplant will always be an influential point. The experience of who is in charge of doing the transplant is decisive for obtaining the best results.

Can micropigmentation be considered?

That is something that you should consult directly with our experts and it will depend a lot on your particular case. Hair micropigmentation is a technique that uses pigment injections under the skin (directly on the scalp), to get a better appearance is obtained.

This procedure is recommended when the baldness is total or when the areas with alopecia are not candidates to receive a hair transplant. You can undergo this process at any age and it is also necessary to contact an expert to decide if it is the best solution for your hair loss.

Remember that your hair is your cover letter, regardless of your age. Decide to recover the appearance of your hair and contact us. At Hair Restoration Cancun you will find a team of experts who will help you regain confidence in your hair. Also, you will be on this beautiful Mexican beach during your recovery period. Make up your mind to have beautiful hair again. We are waiting for you.

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