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ARTAS: The robot for hair transplant most advanced in the world

The most advanced hair transplant system is the ARTAS or ARTAS Robot, which is capable of extracting up to 3,000 grafts in a single session with incredible results and a completely natural appearance. It is a faster and more efficient solution against baldness; Forget about big recesses or hair loss once and for all.

At Cancun Hair Restoration, we combine the extensive experience and skill of our team of expert plastic surgeons with the ARTAS robot technology to bring you amazing results. The use of this technology ensures that the extraction and placement of each of the hair follicles is as precise and least invasive as possible.

Next, we will give you a brief explanation about how the ARTAS hair transplant system works, what it is and the advantages it has so that you consider it as a procedure to end your baldness problem. Remember that you can send us a message from our website and we will give you a little more information in detail about your doubts about it.


The ARTAS Robot is a system that uses 3D visualization technology to digitally map the patient’s scalp in order to analyze the position of each natural grouping of hair. This procedure is always guided by a plastic surgeon that assists in the harvesting of donor hair, taking follicular units in a random pattern and leaving only stitch scars.

These scars allow greater flexibility with hair length after surgery. The ARTAS robot in hair transplant can be an efficient method of obtaining maximum density and coverage in a single session; this thanks that the system allows the surgeon to focus more on the process of creating recipient sites and implanting the grafts.

artas robot

Since it is an optical imaging system, the ARTAS robot selects the next follicular unit for harvesting. So the patient is first given local anesthesia in the area to be harvested. The robotic arm then automatically positions itself in the donor area.

Then the system orients the drilling tool to the scalp and scans the skin for a follicular unit to harvest. Once the robot targets a follicular unit for extraction a double punch mechanism is implemented with the inner sharp tool marking the skin around the follicular unit and the outer tool dissecting the graft from the surrounding tissue.

Subsequently, the optimal system scans the next follicular unit to be removed. The robotic arm places the tool over the next unit, aligns the instrument with the follicles and the removal step is repeated. This sequence continues until the robot finishes harvesting from the area defined by the tensor.

Once the procedure is finished, when harvesting of the area is complete, technicians manually remove the grafts from the scalp and the tensioner moves to a virgin area for a new round of harvesting. This process continues until enough grafts are harvested for a complete hair restoration with the ARTAS robot.

ARTAS hair transplant robot

ARTAS was born with the need to perfect the FUE hair transplant or unit extraction of hair follicles. Thanks to this technology, incisions are made much less visible and with millimeter precision, both to extract each hair from the donor area, and to place it in the receiving area.

Through digital images and an exact definition of the area in which the follicles will be extracted and where they will be placed, the arm of the ARTAS robot allows to obtain better results. Without forgetting that it is a faster procedure than what a plastic surgeon can do manually; however, the help of a certified physician is necessary.

A single session with this robotic arm will be enough to obtain enough hair follicles for a good hair transplant. The precision of this revolutionary ARTAS hair system and its consistency make it the best option for hair grafting; You will have a completely natural appearance without a single visible mark.

During a completely manual FUE or FUT hair transplant, most of the time the scars are linear, which is not the case with ARTAS. The extraction is precise, permanent, and without noticeable scars, which in turn allows for a less invasive operation and faster recovery.

ARTAS: How it works

Before starting the procedure, the ARTAS hair transplant robot will scan the entire scalp area and make a digital map. With the help of this map, you will be able to perfectly identify each of the most suitable follicles for replanting in the receiving area.

In this way, the largest number of useful hair follicles will be obtained, without many losses as can occur when hair transplantation is done manually. Prior to this, we will have to shave the head and delimit it perfectly to place it on the skin tensioner so that the ARTAS can be obtained more easily.

During the extraction, the ARTAS robot will present a visualization of each of the hair follicles that it obtains from the surface of the skin and will mark its progress in each of its objectives. With these images, each of the follicles can be better extracted with the precise needle system it has, even if the patient moves slightly.

In order to obtain the follicle, it makes a gentle aspiration to lift it and extract it directly from the donor area. Thus, the plastic surgeon can recover it and keep it in conservation, prior to the placement that he will do once the ARTAS robot has finished taking all the necessary grafts.

We can summarize the process in four steps:

  1. Hair-line design.
  2. Hair graft extraction.
  3. Collection and conservation of follicles.
  4. Transplant each one in the recipient area.


After going to the specialist for an assessment, you must give the go-ahead to proceed with the ARTAS hair transplant. As in any procedure, the patient must have a broad overview of what the application of this treatment means.

The first step before performing the ARTAS treatment when patients come to Hair Cancun, will be to cut the hair to the necessary size. This step will help the ARTAS robot locate the hair follicles in a timelier manner in which the extraction will be applied and subsequently, the implantation.

Treatments such as ARTAS are usually carried out in the morning to finish in the afternoon. Shortly after the middle of the process, the specialist allows the patient a break to rest and eat a little.

At Cancun Hair Restoration we advise all our patients to undergo the ARTAS treatment that come to your appointment with comfortable and loose clothing in the neck area or, preferably, with buttons to prevent garments from passing through the neck when undressing.

We also recommend that a family member or friend accompany the patient after receiving the ARTAS treatment, since they will have undergone a long process. and you might feel tired, so you wouldn’t be able to drive, for example.


Following the haircut, the patient is transferred to the sterile treatment room. At this time, the specialist is in charge of defining the areas to extract and implant ARTAS hair. The first phase of the hair transplant with ARTAS consists of the extraction of follicles from the donor area.

During the procedure, the patient will remain seated in a very comfortable special chair. Subsequently, either the specialist or an assistant will apply a light local anesthetic since it is not necessary to completely eliminate the sensitivity. It is necessary to remember that the ARTAS hair transplant is a painless treatment.

The intelligent algorithms of the ARTAS robot allow the best hair follicles to be selected and extracted, which would be those that are characterized by being stronger and more robust. And thanks to their high-definition stereoscopic vision system, they have a better chance of being successfully implanted.

In the same way, thanks to the technology of the ARTAS robot, the procedure becomes almost non-invasive. Robotic precision is greater than that of manual techniques, which is why it is essential for the correct dissection of the follicles.

ARTAS hair implants have an average success rate of 99.9%. In the same way, the ARTAS system allows extracting a greater number of hair units and faster per hour, this means that the time to perform the procedure is shorter.

Finally, when all the follicles have been extracted from the determined area, the ARTA robot will make some small incisions in the area chosen for implantation and, consequently, implant each follicle.


  • The ARTAS procedure is¬†much faster and less painful¬†than the manual one.
  • The¬†cuts made by ARTAS are minimal and exact,¬†therefore it is less invasive and the scars are not very visible.
  • More hair follicles¬†can be¬†obtained,¬†as the robotic arm can identify the strongest ones and take them in the best way.
  • The results¬†will be more noticeable after 6 months¬†and the recovery will be faster than with an FUE or¬†FUT hair transplant.

Do not hesitate and recover the hair of your youth with Cancun Hair Restoration; schedule your ARTAS hair transplant now from our website. We offer you the highest quality care in first-class facilities with technology that not just anyone has. In addition, you will be surrounded by a paradise like the Riviera Maya.



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