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Doctor preparing a patient for facial plastic surgery

Facial Plastic Surgery that will help rejuvenate your face

It may not be one of the most common procedures, but facial plastic surgery is still one of the most sought after by many at Cancun Hair Restoration. Whether only a part of the face is modified or a complete change is made, the purpose of this type of intervention is to help the patient improve their appearance and even rejuvenate them.

When we talk about facial plastic surgery, it can refer to a series of procedures to rebuild or repair certain parts of the face such as the nose, ears, cheekbones or chin. Although it generally consists of aesthetic procedures, they are also used to repair affected parts in accidents, injuries or due to different similar factors.

Facial Plastic Surgery: Know the most important about it

As a definition, we can say that facial plastic surgery is an aesthetic procedure whose main objective is to correct or improve aspects of the face. Whether the patient has some congenital or acquired abnormality that affects his life; the doctors are in charge of repairing and making sure that everything fulfills its function.

For the performance of facial plastic surgery, there are different specialists who have to enter into function so that it has the best possible results. Otolaryngologists, dermatologists and anesthesiologists, not only plastic surgeons, as there are many points to take care of so that the change is noticeable and for the best.

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are different procedures that can be referred to as facial surgery; most of these are ambulatory and very minimally invasive and do not require much work. However, the most used are the ones that should be the most careful and that may have a higher degree of risk, but you have nothing to worry about.

Woman with dotted lines for facial plastic surgery

Taking the above into account, we can divide facial plastic surgery into two different types that it is very important for you to know. Remember that any plastic surgery must be performed by a plastic surgeon who has specialized in this branch of medicine. In this way, you will ensure that your procedure is carried out successfully.

The two types of facial plastic surgery that we mention are:

  • The first type of facial plastic surgery is related to reconstructive procedures. This seeks to correct congenital malformations, tumors, scars or any other mark that an accident you have suffered has left on your face.
  • The second type of facial plastic surgery is completely cosmetic and is the most sought after at Cancun Hair Restoration. If you want to fix your nose, cheekbones or any part of your face, this is the type of procedure you have been looking for.

It is important that you take this into account if you are going to have facial plastic surgery and that you know each procedure . Therefore, in the next section we will tell you which of them will help you rejuvenate your face and give it a complete change. Remember that, if you have more questions about any operation, you can send us a message and we will answer you.

Facial Plastic Surgery procedures

As we mentioned, facial plastic surgery consists of different procedures that you can perform. Of these, the most sought after in our plastic surgery clinic are those with more aesthetic than reconstructive purposes. Precisely, they are the following procedures that we will talk about because they are the ones in which we have the most experience.

  • Rhinoplasty

This is the most common facial surgery operation in any clinic and the one we perform the most at Cancun Hair Restoration. This consists of the change of shape, proportions and size of the nose; Generally, the aim is to make it a little more pointed or to change the angle that it has naturally, according to the upper lip.

To do this facial plastic surgery, the bone of the area where the nose is, the cartilage that gives it shape and the amount of skin that covers it are modified. Therefore, in an operation like these, different medical specialists participate in addition to plastic surgeons, such as dermatologists, so that the results are what you expect from the operation.

This operation is also performed to solve respiratory problems in the patient or in cases of trauma in which the person suffered an accident and his nose requires repair. The reason why you need this facial plastic surgery may be unrelated to aesthetics, but with us you will find the expert doctors best prepared to perform it successfully.

  • Face lift

This facial plastic surgery is completely aesthetic and is the one that will help you completely rejuvenate your face. The main objective of this procedure is to perform a stretching that reduces flaccidity in all the folds that are generated with age in the skin of the face and that completely reveal the advance of time.

Upon recovery from your face lift facial surgery, you will have a completely new look, with a fresher, more youthful air than you did before entering the operating room. Your change will be very noticeable, especially in the eyes and neck where the folds of the skin that hang with age can be seen.

The medical team in charge of facial surgeries at CHR has extensive experience in aesthetic procedures such as these and will leave your face looking natural. In the country, there are no plastic surgeons with the extensive training that those who collaborate in our clinic and who can offer you a service like ours.

  • Fillers

More than being a facial plastic surgery, fillers are a treatment that aims to improve the appearance of facial skin, but that requires the intervention of a trained specialist. It is important that you do not go to any clinic, because you can take risks, so make sure you go with an expert team like Cancun Hair Restoration.

This aesthetic procedure is used to eliminate flaccidity and some wrinkles caused by the passage of time; just not drastically like a facial plastic surgery like a facelift would be. They are made with a special material that is bio -compatible and that helps to give volume to the face and fill in wrinkles.

It is a minimally invasive technique that does not require much aftercare. If you want to say goodbye to the wrinkles that bother you so much from one day to the next and that do not disappear with a facial cream, with this treatment you will achieve it. After a couple of sessions with us, your skin will look and feel decades younger.

Other Plastic Surgery Procedures

  • Blepharoplasty: Known as eyelid surgery; this can be lower or higher, depending on which paragraph you are looking to fix. This facial plastic surgery is performed mainly to eliminate bags under the eyes or to clear vision by removing sagging and aging skin.
  • Otoplasty: This is a relatively simple facial plastic surgery that is performed on the ears in order to make them have a more aesthetic appearance. Mainly, it is sought that they are not too large or that the cartilage has a better shape and structure. It is very simple and one of the fastest of all.
  • Cheek Augmentation: In recent years, this has become one of the most requested facial plastic surgeries at CHR and many other plastic surgery clinics. This procedure seeks to create fine faces and sunken features; In this way, aesthetic and satisfactory results are achieved with implants imperceptible to sight or touch.
  • Chin augmentation or mentoplasty: As in previous facial plastic surgery procedures, this one seeks a more aesthetic appearance and facial aesthetic balance. It is a simple chin implant placement operation to eliminate the appearance of a face that is too thin, both in men and women.

There are more procedures to improve the appearance of your skin or your features; however, these are not as drastic or permanent as facial plastic surgery. Some of these are Botox injections, PRP or stem cell treatments; If you want to perform any of these, you can write to us and know all the details about it.

Facial Plastic Surgery with Cancun Hair Restoration

If you are considering facial plastic surgery, the first thing you need to do is talk to your plastic surgeon . With the doctor you will be able to analyze the objectives, the alternatives you have and the possible risks that you could face in the operation. However, they are all safe procedures with great benefits, which the surgeon will let you know.

Doctor injecting a patient for facial plastic surgery

Once you and your CHR surgeon have decided on a course of treatment, your facial plastic surgery will be scheduled. Surgery can be performed on an inpatient or outpatient basis, depending on your situation and the operation you require. The Cancun Hair Restoration team will provide you with follow-up care.

Do not wait any longer and schedule your appointment now with a Cancun Hair specialist doctor and he will tell you everything you need about facial plastic surgery with us to make you look and feel younger. We offer you the best service and you can enjoy a paradise like Cancun before your operation.

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