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Choosing a Hair Transplant Clinic: common mistakes

When you are looking for the best hair transplant clinic, you must be careful, since the urgency to perform the procedure can make you make some of the most common mistakes. Do you know them? Read on to find out how to avoid them.

Common mistakes when choosing a hair transplant clinic and how to find them

Hair transplantation is a wonder of modern medicine, but in the wrong hands it can be a catastrophe. Modern hair transplant procedures such as the extraction of follicular units are quite effective, little invasive and almost painless. Don’t be intimidated by procedural stories that went wrong with a bad decision. If you know the most common mistakes, you will be ready to have the best hair transplant.

Do your homework

As you used to do at school, you have to do a research. Search for some hair restoration clinics on Google. But it is not just searching the place. Does the page have customer feedback? Any blog or video about the clinic’s work? Use the internet to your advantage. Take a second break from the latest news on politicians and Covid-19 around the world, and research how to get your hair back.

The lowest price is not a prize

Unfortunately, there are many scammers looking for the next opportunity to make money. On internet it is possible to find many of them, but how to identify them? They generally offer prices that turn out to be too good to be true. At best, these people can take your money and disappear. The worst thing would be to have an operation with a non-certified doctor, who can turn your dream into a nightmare.

To avoid this kind of situation, research the average price of the region where you will receive the transplant and, at the same time, the clinic.

A Hair and a Graft: not the same

Just as you read it. There are many hair restoration clinics, doctors say that you will receive about 3,000 grafts and will charge you for that amount, when, in fact, you will receive about 1,200 grafts that will make a total of approximately 3,000 hairs. This is really dishonest and one more reason todo a good search on the internet to find the comments of previous patients. Reputable clinics even have videos that support their work.

We want the best for you. Therefore, we will inform you that a graft consists of 1 hair follicle, and, in turn, that hair follicle contains between 1 and 4 hairs, of which 2.2 grow on average. With this information, it will be very difficult for a doctor with bad intentions to deceive you.

To choose the best Hair Restoration Clinic, investigate perfectly. If possible, make an appointment with the doctor who will perform the procedure and if you are looking for a peaceful place to recover yourself after the procedure, contact us. We are waiting for you. Come to Cancun today and have a great hair.

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