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Does Hair Gel Causes Hair Loss? Find out here

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard more than once that you should stop using Hair Gel if you want to stop hair loss. Maybe right now you are looking for options to get the best hair transplant in Mexico City. Well, at Cancun Hair Restoration we are going to break that myth about hair loss and, at time you read, contact us. Our experts going to help you to find the solution to your balding.

Myth about hair loss: stop using Hair Gel!

Drinking coffee or beer, eating meat, not drinking enough water, or using certain hair products… When it comes to opinion, everyone is an expert. Next, in this article we will break with this myth that, surely, you have heard from one of your aunts or from your coworker.

The origin of the myth: the alcohol in the gel

According to various hair care experts, alcohol is added to various products to protect them from microbial growth. Also, with this element the formation of foam in the product is avoided. This allows the product to be applied and dries faster. However, it is true that the alcohol contained in the gel can cause hair loss.

But that a Hair Gel has alcohol in its ingredient list is not bad. We can distinguish two types:

Short chain alcohol

This alcohol is bad for your hair. Among the most common are: benzyl alcohol, propanol alcohol, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, and ethyl alcohol, to name a few. While they have a quick-drying effect, they absorb moisture, which dries the hair and causes it to break easily.

For this reason, we recommend that you avoid products that contain any of these types of alcohol.

Long chain alcohol

This type of alcohol has the property of attracting moisture, which is why it can keep hair hydrated. Good examples are cetearyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, and cetyl alcohol.

You can find these types of alcohol in various conditioners and some types of hair gel.


Silicone is a common ingredient in many hair products. It is used to make hair shiny, smooth and straight. This all sounds great, but it has its drawbacks.

In addition, according to experts, silicone creates a feeling of an extra layer of hair and will also attract more dust and dirt. This will result in the obstruction of hair follicles.

While this doesn’t seem like a problem, it actually is. As a consequence of the obstruction of these follicles, in the short term it can cause hair loss due to the lack of nutrition, obtained from the roots of the hair.

At the same time, the silicone will prevent the hair follicles from obtaining the necessary moisture. In the medium term, the hair will dry out and cause it to break, and is highly probably you will need some hair restoration procedure.

Directly, not many products indicate that it is silicone, but elements such as “oxane” or “cone” appear. This type of ingredient can be silicone.

So how to use it?

People who claim to suffer hair loss are use this product in a wrong way. Daily use of these types of hair products exposes the hair follicles to many chemicals on a daily basis. The roots have no chance to recover from this damage.

Additionally, using these products can cause oil and sweat to build up on the scalp, leading to irritation and dandruff.

The problem is not the hair gel itself, but the use to which it is put. And, to avoid hair loss, use this product sparingly and carefully. Looking good is fine, but it is also important to keep you looking great. To know more about your hair loss problem, contact us. Come with the experts of Cancun Hair Restoration and get a great hair again! We are waiting for you

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