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Best hair transplant in mexico

Value of hair follicles in the Best Hair Transplant in Mexico

To achieve the best hair transplantation in Mexico, you need resistant hair follicles that have the characteristics to withstand the surgery and that give you surprising results. The surgeon in charge of your surgery will be able to identify the best ones to use and grow fully in the recipient area.

In order to identify the quality and obtain the largest number of hair follicles, the doctor will carry out certain actions to identify them. Next, we will tell you what they are, as well as important factors about this that they consider for a hair transplant.

How the surgeon selects hair follicles?

During your first visit to Cancun Hair Restoration , the doctor in charge of your operation will review the progress of your baldness and the causes that cause it. In some cases, even if they go to the best hair transplant clinic in Mexico, the patient does not have the characteristics for the procedure to be carried out successfully.

During this first visit, the doctor will tell you what will be the best treatment to follow for your hair loss problem. If the progression of alopecia is much, it will require a large number of hair follicles that only FUT hair transplantation can be effective. For cases where fewer are required, the FUE hair graft technique will be the best.

In not very serious cases, some non-invasive treatment could be the best treatment route. These are much cheaper and safer for anyone who decides to undergo one. It will be the doctor who decides and suggests what is, of all, the best way for your baldness, in case something can be done.

Later, if a FUE hair transplant is done, the most suitable donor area is reviewed to obtain all the hair follicles. The strongest are in the lateral areas and in the neck where alopecia does not usually attack. This will guarantee their strength and the guarantee that where they are placed they will not be lost due to any genetic situation.

This will also help determine what is causing the hair loss, whether it is a genetic problem or is the result of some other type of scalp disease. They will also know if hair is missing due to scars or other factors beyond the patient.

The entire procedure is done without damaging this area so that after your recovery, you will not have growth problems and will look like before the surgery. The density of the hair in these areas is great that is why all the follicles are taken from there one by one. Factors such as the thickness of the hair, its color and its waviness are very important at the time of extraction.

These characteristics will determine the quality of the follicles that will be taken to perform the best hair transplant in Mexico. Also, they will be able to determine the area that they will be able to cover and the design they must follow so that you obtain a 100 percent natural appearance. This has to look asymmetrical and aesthetic, so only an expert can carry it out.

With all this in mind, the surgeon will be able to extract all the follicles without problem and can place them in the receiving area with the full confidence that, once recovered, the hair will be able to grow naturally. Such a study, only the clinic with expert doctors in Cancun Hair Restoration hair transplantation can carry out.

How many follicles are needed for a Hair Transplant?

Each of our patients is different, as are their needs; therefore, the same number of hair follicles is not always required. Factors such as age, hair density and skin type play a very important game when extracting them for a hair transplant in Mexico.

After knowing the degree of progression of baldness in the patient, it is taken into account for a hair transplant: his age, the contrast between hair color, skin type, hair characteristics, the density of hair that is have and the expectations you have for after surgery. In this way, the doctor can determine an estimate of the follicles that you will need.

With this in mind, you will also know how many sessions it will take to get as many as possible. Usually only one day of hair grafting work is required, but on occasions when there is more advanced hair loss it can take up to two or three sessions.

Roughly, if a FUE hair transplant is followed, between 2000 and 3000 hair follicles are harvested to obtain the desired results. However, in more severe cases in which a 20 cm strip is removed, with the FUT hair graft technique, up to 6000 follicles can be obtained.To find out more details about this procedure and schedule your first appointment with Cancun Hair Restoration, write to us from our contact page with all your questions about it. With us, you will have the best hair transplant in Mexico at the lowest price, check and see for yourself.

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