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Women needs a great transplant hair, too

Women needs a great transplant hair

If you are a woman and you are losing hair, the first thing we want you to know is that you are not alone and that there is a solution for it, in which, in addition, you can have a recovery in a heavenly place: hair transplant in Mexico. Hair loss in men is quite common, so it is not a taboo conversation. However, when it comes to hair transplantation for women, the thing becomes more complex, since it is not something so frequent, is it?
Join us. Learn more about this procedure and decide to have ideal hair once again.

What’s about the hair transplant in women?

When a woman begins to lose hair to the point where no commercial shampoo offers a solution, she is often ignored by the conventional cosmetic and beauty industry. Also, most beauty posts ignore these women, which can be cruel and leave a feeling of desolation.
Perhaps for this reason it is finding it complex to find information and answers to all the doubts you have, as well as the treatments available to you.
For starters, hair loss in women is more common than you can imagine. About 30% of women experience thinning hair throughout their lives. And, something that is little talked about, is the psychological impact that hair loss has. Although this condition has its psychological consequences in men, the impact may be more severe for women, since the stereotype of feminine beauty speaks of long hair and elaborate hairstyles.

Very different from men’s hair transplant?

Hair transplantation in women is not so different from the type of procedure that is performed on men. This process consists of extracting hair from the donor area, to be later implanted with the help of small incisions, which are made in the recipient area.
There are two techniques used, namely FUT and FUE. The technique that will be used during hair transplantation will be selected according to the type of hair loss you suffer.
It is also necessary to keep in mind that you can also go to a hair restoration clinic to recover or restore facial hair, such as eyebrows and eyelashes.

Causes of hair loss in women

Genetic inheritance is the main reason why both women and men have hair loss condition. However, there are other conditions and factors that cause hair loss, specifically in women. These include:

• Hormonal changes, caused by pregnancy, menopause, contraceptive use, the postpartum period, post menopause, and ovarian tumors.
• Anemia or iron deficiency in the body.
• Thyroid conditions and associated pharmacological treatments.
• Stress or trauma from medical operations, as well as emotional problems.
• Lack of nutrients due to changes in diet, eating disorders or vitamin / mineral deficiency.
• Lupus.
• Some broad-spectrum medications.
• Traction alopecia. That is, hair loss caused by trauma or excessive tension in the hair, caused by frequent use of elaborate and tight hairstyles.

Losing hair shouldn’t be a shame for you. There is a solution and together we will find it. Also, it is important that you think about where you want to recover from the hair transplant. A beach like Cancun is a great option for this. Contact us. We are waiting for you.

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