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Long-haired woman exercising in a gym


Hair transplantation abroad is, for many people, the last and only solution for hair loss. This goes beyond eating habits: it can happen to people with sedentary lives and to those who work out or play sports. However, if your case is the last one we mentioned, you are probably wondering “when can you exercise after hair transplant?”.

Cancun Hair Restoration experts will give you the answer for when you’ll be able to exercise after hair transplant you are looking for in this interesting blog. Remember that you can contact us if you have more doubts about the procedure and the post op care and receive the advice or comment you need.

First of all, you should know about whether or not you’ll be able to exercise after hair transplant is how to get back to your most important daily activities like your job and all the care you must take. Later, we’ll tell you if it is possible to return to your training and everything that can affect the result of the procedure. That way, you’ll consider everything before heading back to your gym.

Before exercising, how to get back to normal After a Hair Transplant?

Before you even think about returning to training, you first have to take into consideration all the care you need to take to be able to return to your most important normal activities. This includes going to work, doing the main household chores and even taking a bath; If you follow your doctor’s instructions you will have no problem doing it.

Returning to any activity after a hair transplant will depend on how complex and extensive the operation was. If many follicles were not required, the part of the recovery in which all the wounds will heal will most likely be shorter. However, you have to follow very well the post-operative care indicated by the doctor.

From the outset, we can tell you that you’ll not be able to exercise after your hair transplant, at least for the first two weeks. It will depend on the progress you have within the first month what defines how soon it will be possible for you to resume this activity.

Your doctor during consultation will tell you after the first part of your recovery is over if you will be able to exercise again after your hair transplant. It will most likely take a couple of months so don’t despair too much, take the care indicated by the doctor very well and the results will be what you expect.

Man exercising with a big dumbbell

The expectations and the recovery

After the hair transplant, you’ll need medication that the doctor will prescribe to relieve the inflammation and prevent any infection from developing. You’ll have bandages the first days that will prevent you from exercising after your hair transplant; those same bandages will be a couple of days until your skin can be exposed.

As for the results, within the first three weeks after the operation, you will begin to notice that the hair is growing. These little hairs will fall out again, but it is part of the recovery. A couple of months later, the natural growth of the hair may be more noticeable.


hair transplant consists of the relocation of healthy follicles. These, usually carried from the back and sides of the head to an area of thinning or baldness. This area is usually on the forehead or in the area of the crown.

Placing the grafts is a delicate task: it requires knowledge and experience for the procedure to finish with the best results. However, no matter how well placed the grafts are, they need to be fully rooted, so you can’t exercise after hair transplant right away.

In most patients, the healing can take place within 14 days after surgery. But, during this period, it is necessary to take into consideration a series of factors, which can affect the procedure and one of them is exercise after hair transplant ahead of time.



The answer to this question is yes, exercise after hair transplant can make damage on your new hair implants. Exercising too soon can affect the final result of the transplant. This is due to the consequences and risks involved in exercising, among which are:


When exercising, sweating is inevitable. This is an unavoidable act when a body sets in motion. While this may be comforting in other circumstances, when you undergo a hair transplant it’s not.

Sweating can increase the risk of grafts becoming a site of infection. Bacterial infections can affect the success of your hair transplant. To avoid sweating on the head, Cancun Hair Restoration experts recommend not exposing yourself directly to the sun. But it is also important to avoid exercise after hair transplant until the grafts have settled.


While exercising it is inevitable to have an increase in pressure on the scalp. This increases the risk that the transplanted grafts will be expelled and, consequently, the hair transplant will not be successful.

The best way to avoid this is to not lift heavy objects or do vigorous cardiovascular exercise until the grafts are secure. The first days after the transplant are to rest, although it is not necessary to spend the whole day in bed. What is rigorous is to avoid all kinds of effort.


In case you practice contact sports (rugby, boxing or soccer), we have bad news: you will have to leave it for a moment; you can’t exercise after the hair transplant. In these sports there is a high risk of hitting your head and this trauma can affect the success of your hair transplant.

Man drying the sweat from his head


Don’t worry! You will be able to exercise after hair transplant once the grafts have settled. This occurs about 14 days after surgery, although it is always advisable to go for a consultation to review progress. This way, you’ll know that it is the optimal time to exercise again.

Remember that the first thing on your list is your health. Give yourself the time to recover from your hair transplant and look great in your workouts with your renewed hair.

Consult with your doctor before you start to do exercise after hair transplant. Find the most optimal solution for you contacting us. Come with the experts of Cancun Hair Restoration and get great hair again! We are waiting for you.

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