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Hair implants; man with long hair sitting in the street

Hair Implants that make you recover your hair line

The hair implants that we place at Cancun Hair Restoration will help you recover your hairline once and for all. It is a simple procedure with permanent results that will allow you to recover the hair you had in your youth. It is completely safe and, being your own hair, your body will not reject this transplant.

As we already mentioned, the placement of hair implants is very simple; Basically, it consists of the extraction of hair follicle units one by one to relocate them in the area where there is hair loss. Although it is a long procedure, you will get the best results once it has adjusted to its new area.

You will not see the change in the first few months after you have your hair implants, but it will take around 10 to 12 months. However, once the follicles have adapted to the new area of the head, they will stay there permanently. You will never worry about hair loss or baldness ever again in your life.

The results that we offer you at CHR are completely guaranteed and if you still do not believe us, you can consult the testimonials of some of our patients on our website. The quality of our service has made more and more people in Canada, the United States and Europe travel to Cancun for vacations and hair implants.

Hair implants application with doctors

Hair Implants, the definitive solution for baldness

With advancing age, most people, especially men, begin to experience hair loss. It is estimated that around 50 percent of people around the age of 50 suffer from it and this figure increases with age. Many of them go to clinics like CHR for hair implants to help them get their hairline back.

Baldness is something so common, but it seems hopeless for many people who have experienced hair loss from an early age. Going to a place specialized in hair implants is ideal for these patients who in a short time have been left with less hair than they had in their youth.

Only a plastic surgeon specialized in hair transplantation will be able to properly place each of the hair implants that the patient requires to solve their baldness problem. For this reason, it is vital that, if you have very advanced hair loss, you go to a true specialist who will give you the appropriate care.

Hair implants on a magnifying glass

What is the best way to apply Hair Implants?

The placement of hair implants in patients can be done in different ways at Cancun Hair Restoration. When you arrive for your first appointment with our team of professionals, the plastic surgeon who will be with you will tell you all the options you have to recover your youthful hair.

The most common ways to place hair implants are with hair transplants and these are:

  • FUT Hair transplant: This method of placing hair implants consists of taking a strip of hair 20 cm from the nape of the neck to obtain as much as possible to move them to where you have hair loss.
  • FUE Hair transplant: Unlike the previous method, in this one, each one of the hair implants is obtained one by one, to later place them where you have lost your hair.

In addition, at Cancun Hair Restoration, we have state-of-the-art technology for the placement of hair implants. The ARTAS hair transplant robot is one of the tools we use for more precise placement of hair follicles.

The procedure for hair implant placement is very simple, recovery takes a few days and as soon as you leave the operating room you can return to your normal activities. You will only have to follow some care that the medical team will give you at the end of the procedure and in a short time your scalp will have healed.

We have the knowledge, experience and technology to perform the necessary hair implants so that you can forget about baldness. In no other clinic in Cancun, you will find first class care like the one we offer you at Cancun Hair Restoration; there may be cheaper ones, but they will not give you the same quality.

Today, baldness is no longer a hopeless problem; With Cancun Hair Restoration and its team of professional plastic surgeons you will have the solution. If what you want is to recover your hairline with hair implants, write to us now from our contact page and schedule your appointment to recover it with us on your next vacation.

At Cancun Hair Restoration, we offer you an excellent price for the placement of hair implants, lower than how you will find it in your country. It will be cheaper for you to enjoy a vacation in the Mexican Caribbean and your hair transplant surgery with us than to get it in the United States, we guarantee it.

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