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FUE hair transplant; bland haired man laughing

FUE Hair Transplant: How effective is this procedure?

The FUE hair transplant is the most widely used procedure for hair restoration today. Although there are more methods, this is the most effective and does not leave visible marks on the patient’s scalp. As experts, at Cancun Hair Restoration it is the procedure that we perform the most for those who come to our clinic.

When it comes to hair restoration, without a doubt the FUE hair transplant is the most effective, as long as you go to a specialized clinic like ours. So that you know how good this procedure is, we will talk about how we carry it out and some of the advantages it has.

FUE Hair Transplant

The FUE hair transplant technique consists of extracting hair grafts from areas where there is more accumulation to reposition them where there is greater loss. FUE means follicular unit extraction which means that the hair follicles are extracted by units.

The doctor is in charge of extracting one by one the follicles that have to be replaced; That is why a procedure such as FUE hair transplant can take up to 8 hours. Generally, 2,500 to 3,000 hair follicles are required for best results, which are harvested from the nape or sides of the head.

An anesthetic that has to put you to sleep completely is not necessary, only a local anesthetic is required that will not make you feel anything during the entire procedure. You will have no pain and, once the effect of the anesthetic wears off, you will hardly feel discomfort for a couple of days until the area where the FUE hair transplant was performed heals completely .

FUE hair transplant patients

ARTAS and DHI Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplantation has been perfected in recent years with technology that makes the procedure faster and more precise. This has been achieved with the ARTAS robot and with the DHI method that allows a better extraction of the hair follicles. These methods can only be used by expert plastic surgeons like those who collaborate with CHR.

  • ARTAS Hair transplant: FUE hair transplantation is faster with this robot that makes an image of the patient’s scalp to more accurately and safely extract the best hair follicles.
  • DHI Hair transplant: This tool that also improves the FUE hair transplant allows an easier extraction of the follicles. This generates a more efficient operation and better results for the patient.
FUE hair transplant procedure

Can you lose hair after a FUE Hair Transplant?

After a FUE hair transplant, over a period of time, you will begin to lose hair; however, this is completely normal before you can notice the final results of the operation. This occurs approximately 4-6 months after the procedure and is part of the final recovery you will have.

This occurs because the hair follicles are adapting to the new area where they were placed and the hair that is starting to grow is very fragile. After a few months of the FUE hair transplant, the hair will start to get stronger and will stay permanently where it was transplanted.

The results obtained with a FUE hair transplant are permanent and approximately 12 months after the procedure you will be able to notice them. Also, by not leaving a visible mark at first glance, it makes it the best and most effective procedure for hair restoration.

The advantages of FUE Hair Transplant

The effectiveness of the FUE hair transplant means that it has great advantages that it is important for you to know about, especially if you are looking to undergo this procedure. Although it is not a quick procedure, it has great advantages that we will list in the following section:

  • Because very small cuts are made to extract the hair follicles and reattach them, the scars that are left behind are very small and virtually invisible.
  • The recovery phase is very short due to the fact that very large incisions are not made, in a short time you will have recovered from the operation and you will be able to use caps without fearing that the hair follicles will fall out.
  • By extracting the hair follicles one by one with the FUE hair transplant, it is easier for the plastic surgeon to place them in the areas where there is more hair loss.
  • The surgery is very minimally invasive and safe; you have nothing to worry about when you enter the operating room. You can enjoy a book, check your iPad or take a nap while the medical team works.

Without a doubt, FUE hair transplant is effective for hair restoration and completely safe for virtually any patient. If you want to have this procedure done, come to our clinic where we will provide you with the best care with an expert team and specialized facilities.

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