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Hair implants in Mexico: Everything you must know in a FAQ

The hair implants in Mexico are sought by thousands of people outside the country for being of the highest quality and low prices that many clinics offer. In recent years, our country has become even more popular for many reasons, but the main one is because of its affordable cost.

It is possible that you are looking for where to do a hair transplant and you have chosen Mexico as your option; Therefore, we decided to make this new post for our blog with the most frequent questions you may have about the procedure and the clinic where you plan to do it.

At CHR, as experts in hair restoration we will answer all these questions; Also, remember that, if you do not clarify all your questions with this post, you can always send us a message with your questions and we will answer them with pleasure. You can also contact us to schedule your first appointment with any of our plastic surgeons.

What is a Hair Implant intervention?

It is a minimally invasive surgery that consists of the extraction of hair follicles from certain areas of the head, especially the area of the neck, to reposition them where there is a baldness problem. The majority of CHR patients do not have hair in the crown area or have a very crossed hairline.

What hair transplant techniques do they use at CHR?

We have the largest team of expert plastic surgeons in hair implants in Mexico who know perfectly the two most used methods of hair transplantation, as well as the handling of the ARTAS robot; the techniques they use are:

  • FUT: Which consists of the extraction of a 20×1 cm strip of hair from the nape area to extract a large number of hair follicles.

  • FUE: This method of hair transplantation consists of extracting the hair grafts one by one to collect them

  • ARTAS Robot: It is a robotic arm operated by a plastic surgeon that extracts the hair follicles with a millimeter at a higher speed.

If you have more specific questions about each procedure, you can visit the special page we have for each of them on our website or send us your questions from our contact page.

In what other parts of the body can Hair Implants be placed?

Man with beard and hair slicked back

We can place hair grafts in other areas of the body besides the head, either in the eyebrows or in the beard. If you have a scar that has left you without hair in one part or if you want to have a thicker beard, you can come to CHR with the expert doctors in hair implants in Mexico.

Is hair transplantation a definitive solution to baldness?

Yes! It may take time to see the results, but we guarantee that you will not suffer from baldness again. Your hair will grow normal and will no longer fall out, as the hair on the nape and on the sides is genetically programmed not to do so. Only take the care that your doctor tells you while you recover from your hair transplant.

Once they have healed and the hair begins to grow, you will not need any special care than usual. It is possible that after six months it will fall out, but it is completely normal as the hair follicles fully adapt to the new area of the head.

Do Hair Implants leave marks or scars?

The small cuts that are made to place the hair grafts when they heal are practically invisible and if they are made with the ARTAS robot less. After a couple of weeks after the operation that they heal completely, you will no longer see a trace of them or the small scab that is made while it heals.

When will you see the final results of the operation?

For you to see your hair as it will look after the operation, it will take between 10 and 12 months; This is because hair grafts must adapt to the area of the head where they were placed and have to grow naturally. While it takes some time, results are 100 percent guaranteed.

How long does a Hair Graft session at CHR last?

Approximately, it¬†takes between 6 and 8 hours, although in some cases it may be less time;¬†especially when using the ARTAS robot, which helps speed up the hair graft extraction process.¬†Plus, with our doctors’ expertise in hair transplantation, it can be done better and faster.

Does it take more than one session to complete the hair transplant?

This will depend on the needs of the patient; those who have a bigger baldness problem will need more work so it will be necessary to take up to two sessions. However, in most cases, just one operation will be enough to fully cover the affected part.

Is it a painful procedure?

Not at all; During the placement of the hair grafts you will feel absolutely nothing because we use anesthesia; you will be lying down at all times and you can enjoy a book or be distracted with your phone without problem. During the recovery days you may feel slight discomfort, but if you follow the treatment indicated by the surgeon you will not have problems.

Why look for Hair Implants in Mexico?

There are many reasons to choose Mexico for a hair transplant, but here we will give you the two most important ones: low prices and quality. Unlike other countries, the price of placing hair implants in Mexico is very low, compared to Turkey, where this procedure is more common.

Regarding the quality of care, the doctors who work with CHR have been recognized by national and international institutions for their extensive experience in hair transplantation. In addition, you can plan your next vacation in Cancun and enjoy its paradisiacal beaches before your procedure.


How do I schedule an appointment with CHR?

It is extremely easy; From our contact page you can send us a message with the procedure of your interest and we will send you all the information you need . We will give you available dates and everything you need to prepare before arriving at our clinic.

Don’t wait any longer and come to CHR, the¬†expert hair implant clinic in Mexico¬†that will give you the best possible care at an extremely affordable price.¬†Change your life completely on your next vacation with a hair transplant with us.


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