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Robot artas for hair transplant

Robot ARTAS and their advantages for hair restoration


One of the greatest technological advances in terms of hair transplantation is, without a doubt, the ARTAS Robot. Thanks to this robotic arm, this procedure can be done faster and more precisely than how it is done manually. Combined with the work of an expert physician, it works wonders when it comes to hair restoration.


In order for you to know more about this technology in hair transplantation that we have at Cancun Hair Restoration, we will tell you a little about how ARTAS works and the advantages it has, in addition to its speed, in terms of hair restoration. We are sure that, in the end, you will schedule your first appointment with any of our expert plastic surgeons.

ARTAS for total hair restoration robot

The ARTAS robot is a recently developed mechanism that is used in aesthetic clinics, mainly to facilitate hair transplant. Although it requires the management of a plastic surgeon to obtain the best results, this mechanical arm perfects the technique to the point of practically not leaving a single visible mark.

As in any hair restoration procedure, this one requires that the patient be anesthetized; however, it is a very simple sedation, similar to that used in dental procedures. However, for the robot to work better, it is necessary to completely shave what will be the donor area.

These two slight drawbacks, if we can call them that, are the only ones that this robotic arm presents; In general, the ARTAS robot makes hair transplantation better and guarantees better results to the patient thanks to its operation, which consists of the following process:

Doctors using the ARTAS robot for a hair transplant


  1. The plastic surgeon will delimit and mark the recipient area and prepare the entire donor area for ARTAS to work properly.

  2. The ARTAS robot will take care of making images of the entire scalp to identify each of the follicles that will be most useful.

  3. After tracing well on the head, you will begin to extract each follicle with millimeter precision to perfectly preserve each one.

  1. The plastic surgeon will collect and store the hair follicles that the robot will extract, which will then be placed in the receiving part.

  2. Once enough grafts have been collected, the plastic surgeon will take care of placing them with a natural design of the hairline.

  3. After a couple of hours, the session will be over and you will have felt absolutely nothing.

The advantages of the ARTAS ROBOT

  • The procedure is faster: Undoubtedly, the main advantage of using the ARTAS robot for hair transplantation is that it makes the extraction of hair follicles faster since it is responsible for selecting them in the best possible way and without much help.

  • Less painful recovery: During the procedure, we will make sure that you feel absolutely nothing in your head;¬†and in the recovery, being very exact cuts, you will be able to heal more quickly than normal.

  • Better selection of the follicles: The ARTAS robot is able to better select the hair follicles to be transplanted;¬†in this way, they are made stronger by placing them in the receiving area.

  • Fewer visible marks: The millimeter cuts that it makes both to extract and to place the hair follicles make them smaller;¬†therefore, they will be seen even less at the end of the procedure and heal completely.

  • Greater harvesting of grafts: By having stronger follicles, a greater quantity can be obtained in a single session.¬†The hair transplant rate is greater than with a manual technique of between 30 and 40 percent.

  • Better preserves hair follicles: Another advantage is that, by making more exact cuts, it better preserves the hair follicles it extracts;¬†many times, when done manually, they can be lost by a slightly larger cut than they should.

  • Helps to make a natural design: This robot is also prepared to create a better design when placing hair grafts.¬†With the knowledge of the plastic surgeon and this technological help, you will have a natural hairline.

  • 100% outpatient procedure: It is not necessary that you remain in recovery at the end of the procedure;¬†You can return to your house or your hotel to recover little by little and without spending more.

  • Permanent results: Once you have completely healed, you can completely forget about baldness;¬†transplantation with the ARTAS robot offers permanent results, so your hair will never fall out again.


Without a doubt, the ARTAS robot is a unique piece of technology that will give you impressive hair transplant results. It is an advance that not any clinic in Mexico has; Luckily, at Cancun Hair Restoration we have it and the knowledge to operate it perfectly. Do not wait any longer and schedule your appointment with us now from our website.

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