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PRP injections; man grabbing his hair

What is the PRP Injection treatment about?

PRP injections are a relatively new treatment that have been shown to have incredible results in hair regrowth. In addition, it is used as a method to regenerate and heal problems in joints, muscles and in different parts of the body. Therefore, it is important that more and more know it and take advantage of all its benefits.

That is why in this new blog post we will talk about what PRP injections treatment is. As we carry it out in Cancun Hair Restoration and we will tell you some of the advantages it has, especially those related to the recovery and strengthening of the hair.

Doctor preparing a PRP injection

Know more about PRP Injections

PRP injections or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a regenerative medicine treatment that harnesses and amplifies the body’s ability for natural regeneration to heal virtually any tissue. As its name indicates, to perform this treatment, plasma from your own blood is used to prevent any rejection.

The plasma in PRP injections is the liquid part of your blood, so it’s made up mostly of water and protein, as well as some of the red blood cells and white blood cells that circulate through your veins. The blood platelets found in the plasma are primarily responsible for carrying out the natural recovery of the body.

The process to extract and apply the plasma used in PRP injections consists of four simple steps that we will explain below:

  1. First we have to draw a certain amount of blood , depending on how many PRP injections you require. By using your own blood, your body will not reject the treatment and you will get better results.
  2. Once we have enough blood for the procedure, it is placed in a special machine to centrifuge it in order to separate the plasma-rich platelets from the blood. This process can take 15 to 20 minutes; the doctor will tell you at the time.
  3. The next step is to extract the plasma platelets and place them in the PRP injections to have everything ready for application. This preparation phase also includes determining where on the head it will be applied for best results.
  4. With everything ready, we move on to the last part of the procedure, which is the application of PRP injections at the points defined by the doctor. This will depend on where you have more baldness problems.

It is important to note that treatment with PRP injections will not give you immediate results like other procedures. Instead, you will start to notice the difference a couple of months after the application; In addition, it may be necessary for you to attend several times for different application sessions.

Centrifuge machine for PRP Injections

What are the PRP Injections benefits?

As we mentioned before, PRP injections are used within regenerative medicine and, particularly, at Cancun Hair Restoration we use this treatment for patients with baldness problems. However, it is widely used as a treatment for people with ruptures in tendons and joints, as well as in the musculoskeletal system.

In addition, the combination of red blood cells and white blood cells with proteins, facilitates the desinflammation in muscles in a better way than the most used opioids. Also, tendonitis and other conditions that many athletes may suffer from are easily treated with PRP injections.

As for the benefits that PRP injections have for people with hair loss problems, some of these are stopping hair loss; especially, with those patients who already have a well-defined pattern of baldness. It can prevent hair loss and recover lost hair after a while.

Another use of PRP injections is for skin care and regeneration, as the plasma-rich platelets alleviate the most visible signs of aging. Wrinkles and sagging are two of the problems that you can solve with a treatment like this.

If you are looking to perform this treatment with the intention of solving any of these problems, it is best to go to a specialized clinic that has the necessary tools to carry it out. In this way, you will be guaranteed the best possible results and you will be able to get the most out of PRP injections.

Although, you will need several sessions of PRP injections to obtain important and long-lasting results; At the end, you will see the change and you will be convinced that it is the ideal treatment for hair regeneration. Approximately, over a year, you will require 3 PRP injections to obtain the best effects.

At Cancun Hair Restoration, we offer you different hair regeneration treatments and that includes the PRP injection. As experts in the field, we are your best option in quality and price, so schedule your first session right now from our contact page.

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