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The care you should take with your scalp after hair transplant

The care you should take with your scalp after hair transplant

You have chosen to look great having a hair transplant in Mexico with our experts at Hair Repair Cancun. Congratulations on making that great decision, which, by the way, shouldn’t have been easy. But you are brave and ready to start the adventure of getting your amazing hair back, knowing every part of the procedure.

Here you will find a short handy guide for the days after your hair transplant.

What you need to know about recovery after hair transplantation

Many places dedicated to hair restoration procedures focus only on explaining the process, leaving recovery aside. We, as the professionals that we are, want to explain a little more about recovery and why you should do it in a place as beautiful as Cancun.

Home Sweet Home

When the procedure is finished, a gauze pad will be placed around your head, covered by a protective cap. The gauze will be removed during the postoperative exam, which is usually the next day. Once it is removed, you will not need any type of bandage.

Try to lie down for as long as possible, as if you constantly stand up, you are likely to develop some swelling. Eat healthy foods and take antibiotics and pain relievers prescribed by your doctor. If you feel a little bit uncomfortable, you can take a pain reliever within 4 hours of taking the first one. Most patients do not need pain relievers after the first day, but antibiotics should continue for the length of time recommended by the doctor.

Take the necessary precautions to avoid injuring yourself at night. Take care that your head remains in an optimal position, away from areas where the scalp can be subjected to pressure or to be rubbed, even with the pillow. In addition, it is advisable to sleep with your head slightly elevated to improve blood flow.

Keep the graft moist

The most common strategies to keep the newly grafted area moisturized include frequent spraying of the scalp with a saline solution or topical application of an ointment to keep the grafts hydrated.

About exercise

Avoid vigorous exercise routines after surgery. Really. We don’t want you will be in pain, swelling and general discomfort. It does not mean that you stop walking or stretching in moderation, the restriction is for strenuous exercise only. After 7-10 days, you can gradually increase the pace and intensity of the exercise, but always paying attention to how you feel while doing it.

And no, don’t worry, it’s not from perspiration, but from intense physical exertion, which increases pain and swelling.

Cleaning the transplant area

There is no indication not to wash the receiving area on your scalp. You can give it a daily wash to make sure it doesn’t scab over, which could hurt a lot. To do this, you can use a sponge to carefully massage the area,

If scabs appear, massage gently with a cotton-tipped swab, which should be moistened with soapy water. Don’t rub too hard – just run the cotton tip lightly over the scalp. With that light touch, the scabs will be removed without damaging the delicate blood vessels that form around the implant.

10 days after the procedure, the hair wash can go back to how it was before the hair transplant.

But, the most important thing is to choose the best place to recover. The comfort of your home is incredible, but why not in Cancun? Contact us and have a great hair again. We are waiting for you.

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