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Patient with doctor for breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation Surgery: Everything you must know about it

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most well-known and sought after aesthetic procedures not only in our clinic, but throughout the world. As its name indicates, in this procedure what is sought is to increase the size of the breasts, although on certain occasions this corresponds to a change in their shape.

Also known as mammoplasty, breast augmentation surgery has to be performed by a doctor specialized in aesthetic procedures so that your health is not at risk. So that you know a little more about this operation, in this blog we will give you every detail about it, from how it is done, to the entire post-operative process.

In the end, we will tell you what you can do if you want to have breast augmentation surgery, where you have to go and what you should ask so that you are sure that you arrive at the right clinic. We will tell you everything you wanted to know about this operation here at CHR, as we are experts in this and in different aesthetic procedures.

How is a Breast Augmentation Surgery done?

Basically, breast augmentation surgery or mammoplasty is an aesthetic medical procedure that involves placing silicone implants under the breast tissue and, in some cases, under the chest muscles. In this way, the breasts are increased to the size that the patient considers appropriate for her.

The implants that are placed for breast augmentation surgery are completely safe, whether they are filled with sterile salt water, also known as saline, or silicone, the most used for them. Both materials are completely safe and you will not have problems with rejection by your body.

It is a relatively simple operation that is generally performed on an outpatient basis; this means that you will be able to return to your home, your hotel or wherever you are staying the same day after your operation. From there, you only need to rest for a few days to allow your body to fully heal.

Breast Augmentation Surgery: The procedures

As for the procedure, this is very easy to carry out and, compared to other procedures, quite short. Before placing the implants for breast augmentation surgery, an anesthesiologist will give you general anesthesia. Therefore, all the time you will remain asleep without feeling the slightest pain.

In rare cases where the patient cannot be asleep during breast augmentation surgery, the anesthesiologist will apply a local anesthetic and medication to numb the chest area and prevent pain during the procedure. However, these cases are not very common; the plastic surgeon will tell you every detail during your first visit.

Two doctors performing breast augmentation surgery.

As we mentioned at the beginning , implants for breast augmentation surgery can be placed in two ways; however, there are different techniques to do it. Each doctor can perform it in a different way and this will depend a lot on the patient, the size they want to increase and different factors.

These different breast augmentation surgery techniques are:

  • The most used technique for breast augmentation surgery is when the plastic surgeon makes a small cut in the lower part of the breast. Then he makes an opening to be able to place the implant; however, this procedure can leave a small mark that will be noticeable especially if you are younger and thinner.
  • Another method used in breast augmentation surgery is where the surgeon cuts under the arm to place the implant with the support of an endoscope. In the breasts there will not be a single mark; however, the scar from the cut on his arm would be much more visible than the one from the first.
  • The third way to perform breast augmentation surgery is when the doctor makes a cut in the edge of the nipple areola to place the saline implant. This method is the least used because it can cause loss of sensitivity in the area and even problems breastfeeding.
  • The latest breast augmentation surgery technique is performed with saline implants only; The doctor makes an incision in the navel to place the implant. Again, they lean on the endoscope to accommodate it in the breast area and later, once it has been placed, the implant is filled to the expected size with saline solution.

The expectation and effects of a Breast Augmentation Surgery

The expectations you have for the results of breast augmentation surgery will depend on the size you want to be. Remember that the larger you want the implants, the higher their cost will be, as well as the recovery time and even the procedure. When you go to your first appointment, talk to the doctor about all the options you have to carry it out.

First, we will talk about the immediate physical effects that you will have almost immediately after breast augmentation surgery. You will be able to notice the size of your breasts from the first day and not only because of the inflammation, which is completely normal. If you take proper care, you will have nothing but discomfort for a couple of weeks before seeing results.

Pain is something you can expect after breast augmentation surgery; For this reason, the plastic surgeon will prescribe pain relievers so that you do not have problems in the next few days. As long as you take the care indicated by the doctor and thus you will avoid suffering a rupture or damage to the implant.

The care that we will provide you at CHR before, during and after your breast augmentation surgery will be complete and personalized. Each patient is different, so you will have nothing to worry about, especially so that your body adapts perfectly to the implants. Any complication will be indicated by the surgeon immediately to prevent or correct it.

Before and after the Breast Augmentation Surgery

Another important point that you should know about breast augmentation surgery is the preparation for the procedure and the aftercare that you must have. Precisely, we will talk about it in the next section and take it into consideration if you want to carry out this operation.

There really aren’t many precautions you should take before your breast augmentation surgery, with the exception of arriving on an empty stomach to have problems during the operation. We can carry out the analyzes in our clinic without problems to ensure that you are in full health and thus there are no major complications.

After the breast augmentation surgery you will be able to go home, unless the doctor has another indication; in that case it will be the surgeon who tells you. Once at home, you will notice the bruises from the operation, which are completely normal and will disappear in a few days. As for the pain, analgesics will serve you perfectly to control it.

Avoid intense physical activities for the next few days so that the incisions do not open or stretch and can get complicated. You may lose a little sensation for a few days, but within a couple of days after your breast augmentation surgery everything will be back to normal; so don’t panic if you have very little feeling in your chest.

It is important that you take care of the wound from the cut made for the placement of the implants during breast augmentation surgery. This to prevent it from becoming infected and being counterproductive for you; The surgeon will tell you how to do it and what type of soap you can use that does not irritate or affect you.

In the event of any complication after your breast augmentation surgery, such as a high temperature or completely intolerable pain, it is extremely important that you see a doctor immediately. You can contact us or visit the GP who has previously treated you.

Woman in wedding dress showing part of a breast.

Get the best Breast Augmentation Surgery with CHR

Cancun Hair Restoration is the plastic surgery clinic specialized in different aesthetic treatments such as breast augmentation surgery or hair transplant. The experience of all our medical staff and our first-class facilities make us the best option if you are looking for an operation abroad that is more economical.

To get an appointment at the best place in Mexico to perform breast augmentation surgery, which is Cancun Hair Restoration, the first thing you have to do is send us a message from our contact page. We will answer all the questions you have about the operation and you can even schedule an appointment for your next visit to the Mexican Caribbean.

Decide to finally change your appearance with breast augmentation surgery that completely changes your appearance. Approach the expert plastic surgeons of Cancun Hair Restoration who will provide you with quality care from the moment you contact us; don’t wait any longer and make an appointment today.

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