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Plastic surgeon with a breast implant

The plastic surgery in Cancun with CHR

Believe it or not, the beaches of Mexico have become one of the favorite destinations of many in the United States and Europe for aesthetic treatments. For this reason, plastic surgery clinics in Cancun are very popular among tourists who seek to have fun for a while, rest and improve one or another part of the body.

However, being surrounded by an ideal paradise to rest is not the only reason why many choose this beautiful city for a breast augmentation or liposuction. Price and quality are important reasons that bring many foreigners to undergo cosmetic surgery in Cancun.

So that you know a little more about this topic and the procedures that are performed at Cancun Hair Restoration, below, we will tell you some reasons why many travel to the Yucatan Peninsula for an operation. In addition, we will tell you which are the most common procedures that are performed.

Why you should get a Plastic Surgery in Cancun?

Breast enlargement plastic surgery

There are many reasons to choose Cancun as your destination for an aesthetic procedure, among which we can mention the climate or the culture that Mexicans have, as well as the fun atmosphere that is lived in this beautiful port. However, we select the best reasons to convince you to schedule your appointment with CHR at this time.

  • Quality: Many assure that¬†plastic surgeries in Cancun can be dangerous;¬†the truth is that some of the best plastic surgeons in the country collaborate at CHR.¬†They have been recognized by national and international associations.
  • Price:¬†Plastic surgeries in Cancun are, by far, cheaper than in the United States or Europe.¬†You will pay approximately 50 to 75 percent less than you would in your country.
  • Language:¬†As Cancun is a place visited by millions of people in the world, most of those who live here speak English perfectly.¬†The service that we will give you will be completely in your language so that you do not have a problem with it.
  • The city:¬†Without a doubt, Cancun is one of the most beautiful places in Mexico and taking your days of recovery after your surgery will be the best decision you have ever made.¬†You will be surrounded by a beautiful paradise that you will never want to leave.
  • The waiting time:¬†Last¬†but not least, is the waiting time for your surgery in Cancun;¬†you can schedule your appointment as soon as possible and you won’t have to sign up for an extremely long waiting list.


The 5 most common Plastic Surgery Procedures in Cancun

More and more North Americans are looking for somewhere in Mexico to have a cosmetic operation and the majority choose Cancun as their destination. Most come to the beautiful beaches of Mexico to undergo liposuction for breast augmentation; however, at CHR there are more procedures that can be performed.

The five most sought after plastic surgery in Cancun procedures at our clinic are:

  1. Liposculpture: This procedure consists of sucking fat from certain areas of the body and giving the body a slimmer and more stylized figure. For this plastic surgery we focus on the areas with a greater accumulation of fat that are: the legs, the abdomen, the waist or wherever you have the greatest accumulation.
  2. Breast enlargement: Also known as mammoplasty, in order to increase the size of the breasts, we use silicone implants. In recent years, this procedure has become more popular and more women are now seeking a plastic surgeon to perform this operation.
  3. Abdominoplasty: In this procedure, what surgeons do is reconstruct the entire abdominal area, especially those who have just lost a lot of weight. Generally, this procedure is performed during the Mommy Makeover, which consists of a complete regeneration for those who have just become mothers.
  4. Rhinoplasty: During this surgery, the doctor will reduce the size of the nose; it will refine certain areas and balance it with the rest of the face. Many times this plastic surgery in Cancun is required to repair the nose, either due to breathing problems or similar conditions.
  5. Vaginoplasty: Many women come to CHR to undergo this procedure of which our doctors are experts. It basically consists of what is done is a vaginal rejuvenation for those who have gone through several natural deliveries. The shape of the inner lips and the muscles of the vagina is changed.


If you require any of these plastic surgery in Cancun, Cancun Hair Restoration is the place to go. You can schedule your appointment from our website or ask any questions about it; our plastic surgeons will respond as soon as possible. Rest assured that you will receive the best possible care, without having to spend a lot of money.

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