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PRP Cost and what can this treatment do for you

The PRP cost is very low if we compare it with the incredible benefits it has, not only for hair regeneration but also for different health problems. It is a relatively simple procedure that does not require recovery like surgery and with which you will see results in a very short time.

In addition to the use for aesthetic procedures and hair regeneration that we give it at Cancun Hair Restoration, the treatment has more uses and benefits that we will talk about later. So that you know more about it and not only the PRP cost, here we will talk about the procedure and the most important details that you should know.

PRP cost; Injection for a PRP treatment

PRP Treatment Cost and procedure

The PRP cost can vary depending on different factors such as the number of injections and the clinic where you perform it; but, before giving you more details about it, we will tell you what this procedure consists of. In this way, you will be more informed when you schedule your appointment with Cancun Hair Restoration.

PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma is a treatment that consists of a series of injections of plasma from your own blood. In order to extract and apply properly, the CHR medical staff follows 4 important steps to guarantee you the best service; these are:

  1. Drawing the blood: The first thing the medical team will do is draw the blood from your body, which will ensure that your body does not reject the treatment. Only the amount of blood that is necessary will be taken, depending on where the PRP treatment will be performed.
  2. High-speed centrifugation: Once the blood necessary for the treatment has been completely extracted, the next step is to place it in a centrifuge machine that will allow the plasma platelets to be separated from the other blood cells. At CHR, we have the necessary equipment to perform this procedure.
  3. Platelet processing: Once the plasma platelets have been separated by centrifugation, they have to be processed properly. First, they will be collected and then mixed with an anticoagulant that will prevent the blood in the platelets from clotting and rendering them unusable.
  4. Application with injection: Finally, we will apply them where you have requested that the PRP treatment be performed; whether on the head for hair restoration, on the skin or anywhere else on the body where you need them. Before starting, you will determine with the doctor where they will be applied for the greatest benefit.

According to many clinical researches, PRP treatment is most commonly used as a medical procedure to eliminate joint pain and relieve stiffness; while, as an aesthetic procedure, this is used for hair regeneration, eliminating sagging skin or fading too visible scars.

PRP Cost

As for the PRP cost, this can vary depending on the clinic you go to; the price that a single injection can have ranges from 300 to 700 USD. Depending on how many you need for your treatment, it will be what you end up paying for a single session. Before performing it, the surgeon will tell you how many you will need to obtain the best results.

For a cosmetic treatment, it may not be necessary for you to attend as continuously, compared to some medical recovery treatment, as it would be if you were to injure a joint. The PRP cost will be higher if you have to go repeatedly, but you can review this with the CHR medical team.

While there is no set number of injections that will guarantee you the best results, the general consensus, based on the experience we have had at Cancun Hair Restoration, is that most of the patients we have require 3 injections per session. Likewise, the number of sessions is 3; factors that you should consider in the PRP cost.

Not in any clinic they have the adequate equipment for a treatment like this; clinics that do not have it offer a higher cost per PRP session. In addition, they will not guarantee the quality of the procedure; therefore, it is best that you go to one that guarantees you the best care, results and an adequate price.

PRP cost; Person getting a PRP treatment

What can the PRP Treatment do for you?

For the PRP cost, you can get great benefits and support for the treatment of various problems such as injuries to the musculoskeletal system. Also, as an aesthetic procedure, it can improve the appearance of your skin and can be a factor in hair recovery if you experience a certain level of hair loss.

Some examples that we can give you of this are the following:

PRP cost; Doctor preparing an injection for PRP treatment

Without a doubt, the PRP cost will be completely worth it once you see the results that the treatment will give you. Just remember that it is best to go to a clinic that offers you the best care, not just the lowest price. This will ensure that you have a quality service and, therefore, the best possible results from the treatment.

If you want to know the PRP cost with Cancun Hair Restoration, you can send us a message from our official website. As soon as we receive it, an expert will answer you and tell you everything you need to know about it. We guarantee you the best care in our clinic; We have the best facilities and trained and experienced medical staff.

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