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Implants: Can you lost them after the surgery?

One of the questions that our patients at Cancun Hair Restoration ask us the most is if, after surgery, they can lose the hair implants placed. To all of them, we give the same answer: no. This is a completely effective procedure that completely stops hair loss.

However, poor care of hair implants can cause them to fall out and the permanent results sought with surgery may not be achieved. For this reason, in this blog we will talk about the reasons why you could lose your hair grafts and we will give you some recommendations so that this does not happen.

Why you might lose the Hair Implants?

The first thing that we must clarify is that under normal conditions the transplanted hair will not be lost in the way that occurs when you have a baldness problem. However, due to the nature of hair, hair implants have life and growth cycles in order for them to have enough strength and you will not suffer from hair loss again.

From each of the hair implants, several hairs will grow naturally in the area where the plastic surgeon places them. While they adapt to the new area of the head, a hair loss known as shedding can occur in which the few hairs that have grown in the healing stage will fall out; But don’t worry, they will grow again.

This is a completely normal effect in the months after hair transplant surgery, as hair implants go from the development phase to the resting phase, at which point the hair falls out. Therefore, it can be said that the hair that will be born again will have more strength and quality, so you have nothing to worry about when this happens.

Doctor placing hair implants in patient

However, when the surgery is not carried out properly, the hair implants can fall out because they were not placed correctly. So, when looking for a hair transplant clinic, make sure it has the necessary equipment, an experienced medical team, and top-notch facilities.

Some of the reasons for hair implants to fall out and not obtain the desired results are:

  • The plastic surgeon who performed the operation doesn’t know the proper techniques of removal, placement or removal of hair implants during hair the hair transplant.
  • Your alopecia problem in the receiving area of the hair transplant wasn’t diagnosed by the doctor during the first appointment; so the hair transplant didn’t work.
  • In some cases, patients develop post-surgical lichen planus pillars which causes the skin to destroy all the hair implants placed; But this is a rare side effect.
  • When placing each of the hair implants, if they are not at the correct distance or if the incisions are too large, they can also fall out.
  • When each of the hair implants are removed, if healthy hair follicles are accidentally damaged they may also fall out after surgery.

To prevent any of these three reasons for the loss of hair implants, it’s important that you go to a clinic that has experience in a procedure as detailed and thorough as hair transplantation. So come to Cancun Hair Restoration, the clinic specialized in this type of surgery against baldness and hair loss problems.

Another reason why hair implants can fall out is due to stress and poor care during the following months after the operation. That is why in the next section you will know all the ways in which you can prevent this from happening. Remember to always follow your doctor’s instructions so that you get the best possible results.

How can you prevent the loss of your Hair Implants?

There is no pharmacological treatment that will help your hair implants to strengthen quickly and prevent them from falling out. The secret is in the care you give your scalp during the first weeks after your operation. It may be necessary to take minoxidil or some other support medications, but it will depend on each case.

The following 10 tips will be very useful for you so that you don’t lose your hair implants; some are for before your surgery and the others for after:

Pre-operative care

  1. Don’t completely shave your head before surgery; The doctor will tell you what is the minimum length that your hair must have to obtain hair implants.
  2. Do not take medications that can dilute your blood such as aspirin as they can cause the surgery not to be carried out properly.
  3. Avoid drinking alcohol at all costs, at least a couple of days before your hair transplant; this to make sure the anesthesia takes effect.
  4. Also avoid smoking, as this will decrease blood flow to the scalp and affect newly placed hair implants in your scalp.
  5. Make sure that your scalp doesn’t have alterations such as scaling, eczema or seborrhea that prevent the placement of hair implants.

Post-operative care

  1. Don’t touch your head after finishing the operation and prevent anything else from doing it; You’ll have to sleep sitting up for a couple of nights.
  2. You will have to stop exercising for at least two weeks for two reasons: to prevent skin infection and hair implants from falling out.
  3. Get as far out of the sun as possible; your skin will be very sensitive and will not be able to heal naturally and it will affect the area where the hair implants were placed.
  4. Follow all the indications that your surgeon makes regarding cleaning and care of your scalp, specially where the hair implants were placed.
  5. You will have to forget about hats, helmets and any other accessory that covers your head for at least a month while your scalp heals.
Long-haired man looking at a photo camera

If you follow these tips you’ll be guaranteed that none of your hair implants will fall out after your hair transplant surgery. Also, make sure you go to an experienced clinic like Cancun Hair Restoration; You can schedule your appointment from this moment on our contact page.

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