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5- Hair transplant mexico city

Which is the best hair transplant place in Mexico ‘s City?

Without a doubt, the best place for hair transplant in Mexico City is Cancun Hair Restoration; we have the best doctors, the best facilities and the best service. We assured you that with us you will be safe at all times and will have the most surprising results.

Taking all this into account, we will tell you all the reasons why we are the best clinic for hair transplant in Mexico. You can schedule your appointment with us from the contact page just by sending a message; We will answer you immediately about our available times and dates.


In our clinic in Mexico City, you will have all our treatments available, surgical and non-surgical; either an FUE or FUT hair transplant on the head or for facial hair, or a micropigmentation of the scalp; we have the ideal spaces to carry them out.

With the state-of-the-art technology that we have, we will be able to carry out a previous diagnosis to determine how serious the progress of your baldness is and we will tell you what is the best way to combat it. We guarantee an accurate answer to your hair loss problem, as it is our specialty.

For the procedures, we use the most modern equipment in the world, whether you visit our hair transplant clinic in Mexico City or Cancun, it will always be at your disposal. We know that it is a delicate procedure and that specialized equipment is needed for this task.

While many can get the same equipment as us, nowhere else will you find such a cheap hair transplant with the same service. These are some of the reasons why we are the best in Cancun and Mexico City.


Not just any doctor can perform a hair transplant, you need a specialist in plastic surgery to do this job. The surgeon has the experience and ability to diagnose and treat hair loss, even though it is very advanced.

A plastic surgeon studied for more than 15 years, between a medical degree, a specialty in surgery and a sub-specialization in plastic to be able to perform this operation. It is not an easy thing to learn and it requires the best hands to be able to do a successful hair follicle transplant.

Along with surgeons, it requires specialists in trichology and dermatology, the science that studies the hair and scalp. To fully understand your baldness problem and how it could progress, the trichologist and dermatologist will let us know so that you have the best treatment.

In addition to these three specialists, the anesthesiologist is very important because without him you would have a too painful experience that you would not bear. He will take care of safely applying the local anesthesia before starting the hair transplant. As this is an outpatient procedure, your work will not last long compared to other doctors, but it is very necessary.


Carrying out a hair transplant in Mexico City successfully requires a few steps. At Cancun Hair Restoration, we fully comply with the health legislation of our country; For this reason, we have been recognized by national and international organizations for our safe and quality service.

To carry out the surgery, the first thing the specialist doctors will do is carry out a detailed review of your baldness so that the entire grafting process is the most effective in the area to be treated. At all times, the medical staff will ensure that you obtain the best results, with the use of the best technology and the most prepared specialists.

You will have all the care from the first moment, throughout the surgery and before you go home, as well as in all appointments after your hair transplant in which you have to come for a review. Also, we will tell you in detail the care that you should take at home so that the transplanted follicles do not fall out.

After the months of care, you will see how the hair transplant that you received at Cancun Hair Restoration was a success. You will have a younger appearance, strong hair and you will not have a visible mark.

Cancun Hair Restoration is the hair transplant clinic in Mexico City with the best care. We have the appropriate spaces, the necessary material and the most modern tools to carry out your surgery. Contact us from our website; Call us at +52 55 5466 1144; or visit us at Río Bamba 827, Mexico City.

Best Hair Transplant in Mexico | Cancun Hair Restoration

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