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Hair restoration mexico

After Hair Restoration What are the cares you must follow?

Post-operative care after a hair restoration operation in Mexico should be followed to the letter, as indicated by the surgeon who performed it. This will ensure that you get the best results, and that the recovery is faster and without the slightest pain.

From cleaning your scalp, to the antibiotics you have to take to avoid infection, following these cares will ensure that you have better care of your hair and that the progress achieved with the hair transplant is not lost.

Do not forget that the hair graft is still an operation performed by an expert plastic surgeon; Therefore, the results will also depend on the care that you follow once it has been carried out.

What are the main recommendations?

From the outset, the first recommendations that the doctor will give you at the end of the hair restoration operation have to do with the area from which the hair follicle grafts were taken and where they were transplanted. This will be sensitive and irritated; therefore, it is important to treat it with extreme care to guarantee the permanence of the grafts and that you do not suffer from more redness or more severe swelling.

When you get home and when you go to sleep, it is best to keep the bands and tapes that were placed on you as long as possible. Avoid touching the treated area as much as possible, as doing so could cause pain or a more serious problem. To cope with the pain and inflammation, you will be prescribed pain relievers and de-inflammatory, as well as antibiotics to prevent infection; so, don’t forget to take them.


You must leave at least 48 hours after hair restoration in Mexico to be able to perform a first wash of your scalp. It is very important that you do it with the greatest possible care and with the indicated products.

In the list of products with which you can clean yourself, there will be a foam spray that you will gently apply to the area where the hair graft was performed, which you will remove 30 minutes later. Try to use warm or cold water, preferably from a bottle to prevent the pressure of the tap water from affecting you.

Since you applied your foam, you will gently apply a special shampoo to your entire scalp, with light touches without massaging or rubbing. Once you’ve finished doing all of this, pat yourself dry with absorbent paper towels; do not use a dryer or towel, as they could irritate you more.

In the donor area, you can clean yourself more naturally and dry yourself with a towel; just try to do it delicately as your skin will still be sensitive after the operation.

Daily activities

You will be able to perform almost all your daily activities on a regular basis after your hair restoration operation; You can practically go out and go to the office. However, it is best to take a couple of hours or a day off in order to better carry out recovery.

Something as simple and common as sleeping also requires care to avoid affecting the treated area. During the first week, it is best to sleep with a neck brace and face up, avoiding at all times that your skin comes into contact with the sheet.

When you are ready to go to work, you can, as long as your work does not involve significant physical effort or that you require wearing a helmet in your work area. At the very least, you should allow about two weeks if you work on construction sites or in industry.

Sport is something that you will not be able to do, at least, for a month, much less if it is American Football or martial arts that require the use of a helmet. Intense sweating can affect the area where the hair transplant was performed, so we recommend resting.

During the first seven days, you can do any activity, as long as it does not involve sweating. After this period, avoid exposing yourself too much to the sun or doing things that could make you sweat too much. Also, in the first three days you will not be able to wear hats or something that covers your head; This must be uncovered and without anything to put pressure on it.

You can have your first haircut after your hair restoration in Mexico up to three months after surgery, but this can only be done with scissors. After six months, as there is a better fixation of the hair, your stylist will be able to use the machine.

It is important that you follow all the recommendations that your doctor makes to you. Failure to do so could result in you not getting the best results from your hair transplant operation or a slower and more painful recovery.

The best thing you can do now that you ‘ve had this procedure is to take care of yourself as much as possible. By following the medical indications to the letter, you will guarantee the best preservation of hair follicles and that your scalp recovers all the vitality of before.Something important that you should also consider is the subsequent appointments to see the progress you will have after the hair restoration operation in Mexico. At Cancun Hair Restoration, we offer you the best care from the moment you arrive at our clinic. Contact us at any of our branches in Cancun or CDMX, or if you prefer from our website. Also, we have a telephone line at: 55-5466 1144; or through one email to: contact@cancunhairrestoration.com.

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