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The hair implants in MĂ©xico

The hair implants in Mexico: a little of history

The hair implants in Mexico: a little of history

The success of hair transplants Mexico depends on a phenomenon first described by Orentreich in 1957 as donor dominance. With this phenomenon, hair is taken from the permanent hair-bearing area of patients with androgenetic alopecia (donor area).

Then transferred to the hairless areas (recipient area) of the scalp, it continues to grow in its new location for as long as it would have to continue to grow in the area from which it was taken.

Elements involved in the success of hair transplantation

It is important to recognize that if the transplant is done properly, it will work. However, there are factors that are out of the doctors’ hands and here are the most common ones.

Hair cycle

This is the process of a follicle, which is a dynamic organ whose main activity lies in the regeneration and reassembly of the non-permanent portion of the follicle.

Normally the amount of new hair formation on the scalp is equal to the amount that is lost, thus maintaining consistent coverage. And as is often the case, in some cases this process is not carried out correctly. This is when hair implants Mexico are needed.

Not long ago, two additional stages in the follicular cycle were identified. A release phase (exogenous) and phase delay time (kenogen). In addition to the follicle type and physical location is what determines the length of each follicular phase.

Suffering from a hair loss or disorder

In a previous blog we have already mentioned the diseases that can cause hair loss and the disorders that could cause it until it is controlled or eradicated.

Hair loss disorders are classified by two important factors: the spread or location of hair loss and the existence of a follicle in good condition or its destruction and replacement by a scar. In general, the main factors are inflammation, genetics, environment and hormones.

Don’t follow the doctor’s instructions to the letter

There are certain indications that, depending on the procedure you choose to undergo, you will have to follow after the operation or even before. Unfortunately, one of the main causes of unsuccessful hair implants Mexico is carelessness.

Your diet leaves much to be desired

This probably comes from being a bad habit and can affect the outcome of your hair transplant. In this case, excess fat, fast food or excessive sausage consumption can be a major factor why the implant may not be successful.

Likewise, the abuse of certain spices and spicy foods could have repercussions, as well as very acidic foods. Since these make the blood coagulation slower in conjunction with fat. It is important to be honest with your doctor.

The condition in common: androgenetic alopecia

For short, AGA is the most common cause of hair loss and can affect up to 70% of men by mid-adulthood. It is no coincidence that many men you meet at age 26 begin to lose hair in large numbers.

Contrary to popular belief, there is another fairly common disorder: male pattern hair loss or MPHL. This occurs when androgens are present in genetically susceptible individuals. The recent increase in the level of prostaglandin D2 in the follicles has been suggested as one of the main causes of APM.

In this sense, the main reason why hair implants Mexico are so important in the world is because it is not only a surgical procedure, but also an opportunity to have some time alone with yourself or your family and take a break from work.

The cost of hair transplant in Mexico

Cancun Hair Restoration is a hair implants company that was funded in 2016 in CancĂșn MĂ©xico. Our hair transplant specialists have more than 17 years of experience in this area, working with some of the best companies in the U.S and U.K. At Cancun Hair Restoration we offer hair transplant surgeries with the best and most advanced techniques like FUT, FUE and Scalp Micropigmentation. We also perform facial hair transplants for any male patients that want a full beard and eyebrow hair transplant for females that are looking for fuller, thicker eyebrows. PRP treatment is also one of our many specialties. 

In our post section we have a more detailed article on the cost of hair transplants, because depending on some factors this will be the price that will be charged. However, the main thing is: selection between FUE and FUT, the duration of the surgery and extra expenses such as any complications that may arise.

Recommendations for take care of hair implants

Post-operative care of hair implants in Mexico must be carefully followed. It depends on this that the transplant is successful or that the hair grows properly. Following the doctor’s recommendations after surgery also ensures that your investment is safe. 

Plus you will soon be more than happy with the results.

A lot of personal hygiene

You must leave at least 48 hours after hair restoration in Mexico to be able to perform a first wash of your scalp. It is very important that you do it with the greatest possible care and with the indicated products.

In the list of products with which you can clean yourself, there will be a foam spray that you will gently apply to the area where the hair graft was performed, which you will remove 30 minutes later. 

Beware of some activities

It’s not that you won’t be able to do anything. In fact, you will be able to do almost all of your daily activities after your hair implant. You can go for a walk, go to the office, go shopping, etc. But, we recommend you take a couple of days off to relieve the pain and this will help you recover quickly.

Hair implants in Mexico performed by Cancun Hair Restoration are the best in the country. So don’t let these recommendations go unnoticed. Contact us and check our quality.

Say goodbye to sport for a moment

Sport is something that you will not be able to do, at least, for a month, much less if it is American Football or martial arts that require the use of a helmet. Intense sweating can affect the area where the hair transplant was performed, so we recommend resting.

During the first seven days, you can do any activity, as long as it does not involve sweating. After this period, avoid exposing yourself too much to the sun or doing things that could make you sweat too much. Also, in the first three days you will not be able to wear hats or something that covers your head; This must be uncovered and without anything to put pressure on it.

Remember, if you want to know more about our hair implants in MĂ©xico and the cares, click here.
 At Cancun Hair Restoration, we offer you the best care from the moment you arrive at our clinic. Contact us at any of our branches in Cancun or CDMX, or if you prefer from our website. Also, we have a telephone line at: 55-5466 1144; or through one email to: contact@cancunhairrestoration.com.

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