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The hair transplant abroad in Mexico

The hair transplant abroad in Cancun

Talking about hair transplant abroad is not easy, because depending on the country you visit, you will know if it is a good idea or not to stay a few days and enjoy what the city has to offer. In some cases, being a surgical procedure, people are afraid of getting worse and getting stuck there. 

However, the main advantage of being able to have a hair transplant abroad is that you can look for the best specialists in this field. And thanks to many factors, you can know if it is really worth a surgery abroad.

A new enemy: confinement

In Mexico, a year has passed since the COVID-19 quarantine began, and thousands of people have adapted their life and work routine to stay at home as long as possible, going out only to buy what they need.

As a result, hundreds of people have had their hair health affected. From hair loss, trichotillomania (pulling hair out by the roots), exacerbation of alopecia that was already present, increased dandruff.

And even other conditions have become common during confinement as a result of the state of alarm, stress and concern over the health crisis, and are affecting men and women alike. That’s why so many times a hair transplant abroad is necessary.

What causes it?

The cause can be found in the changes in the daily routine, which entail new behaviors, a different diet and sleep disorders, factors that cause a greater synthesis of androgens in the organism, producing hair thinning, hair loss or an acceleration in hair loss.

In addition to the above, lack of sleep has an impact on the immune system because the body reacts in the same way as to stress, secreting hormones that lead the body to a state of alert, and in these stressful periods.

We can see an increase in hair disorders such as dandruff, outbreaks of psoriasis, nervous conditions that cause people to scratch their heads or pull out their hair, among others.

Why choose Mexico for a hair transplant abroad?

This country has beautiful beaches, tourist sites of interest and many places to visit. Can you imagine coming out of your hair transplant surgery and finding yourself on the beautiful beach of Cancun or Mazatlan? In addition, the prices are quite affordable and the staff is trained to get a high-quality service.

Technological advancement in the country has made it the American capital of hair transplant. As in Turkey, Mexico has the spaces and capable hands of doctors trained and specialized in this treatment. All this, without being an expensive procedure compared to the United States or many European countries.

A secret: vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital for the human body due to its functions, especially in the nervous system to transmit messages between the brain, strengthen the immune system to fight bacteria and viruses, and calcium absorption for strong bones.

There is a relationship between lack of vitamin D and hair loss because it is synthesized in the skin and stimulates the growth of the hair follicles; if this stimulus is deficient or insufficient, hair loss can accelerate.

It is also worth mentioning the role of vitamin D in the regulation of the nervous system, immune system and metabolism in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, essential nutrients for the health of bones, teeth, skin and hair. When deficient, the skin looks dry, with flaking and red spots, while the hair becomes weak, brittle and lifeless.

So, beware of making a mistake and undergoing a hair transplant abroad and that in the end you will only need to increase your vitamin D levels.

For this and much more, in recent years Mexico has become the preferred destination for hair transplant abroad. People from Europe and the United States come to Mexican beaches to enjoy the sun, sand and quality hair transplant care without spending a lot of money.

Contact us. Come with the experts of hair transplant abroad at Cancun Hair Restoration and get a great hair again surrounded by a complete paradise! We are waiting for you, so schedule your appointment now from our website.

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